Optenni Ltd announced a major update of Optenni Lab, a circuit synthesis software tailored for antenna and RF front-end design engineers. The new Optenni Lab version 6.0 offers a unique RF circuit design environment with fully integrated circuit synthesis capabilities and optimization of antenna and radiation characteristics.

Optenni Lab version 6.0 features a new schematic entry environment that fulfills the needs of applications that were not adequately addressed in earlier versions. These include:

  • Antenna multiplexing
  • Array feed networks
  • RF front-end architectures with signal branching
  • Taking complex component layouts into account in circuit optimization
  • Optimization of differential circuits.

Switches, general S-parameter blocks, decoupling network, antennas and other components can now be freely connected, while still having access to the built-in synthesis and optimization tools tailored to antenna and RF front-end designs.

In addition, the new version includes separate definitions of optimization and plotting frequencies for each optimization task, enabling the control of optimization speed versus accuracy and simultaneously maintaining smooth result graphs.

Users of Optenni Lab 6.0 will also enjoy an improved menu structure and numerous other enhancements, especially in plotting and postprocessing of the synthesis results.

“Optenni Lab 6.0 is our biggest software update yet. The introduction of the new schematic editor is expected to bring the power of circuit synthesis to many new application areas in antenna and RF design. With Optenni Lab, our customers can explore the theoretical limits, accelerate their design flow and maximize the wireless performance of their products,” said Dr. Jussi Rahola, founder and CEO of Optenni Ltd.