Rohde & Schwarz provides security solutions for a wide array of businesses and organizations ensuring security and peace of mind via its R&S QPS product family, using mmWave screening, a completely touchless, safe, comfortable and convenient security approach.

The R&S QPS201 with its enhanced Advanced Imaging Technology (eAIT) delivers a market-leading high security performance and a fast and more comfortable scanning experience. It sets a new standard for security and convenience in air travel. This cutting-edge scanner incorporates a multiple-step approach toward fully automated screening. Passengers can now enjoy improved efficiency and a better experience without compromising on security. By reducing the burden of monotonous routines, the R&S QPS201 allows security screeners to focus on crucial security procedures, enhancing job quality and overall effectiveness. The technology is trusted and certified throughout the aviation industry at airports worldwide since 2015. It has achieved European Civil Aviation Conference approval and has been certified by the Transportation Security Administration, as it meets its stringent detection requirements.

The showcase also features the R&S QPS Walk2000, a full 360-degree walk-through security scanner designed to streamline and expedite the screening process. Operating with an ultra-wideband frequency range and minimal output power, this advanced system penetrates multiple layers of clothing, eliminating the need for time-consuming shoe and clothing removal. Passengers can confidently walk through the scanner at a natural pace and maintain a normal posture, while AI-based detection software automatically identifies any potential threats. Real-time results are displayed on a gender-neutral avatar, accompanied by LED stripes, further enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

With automatic calibration, uninterrupted operation and a robust design, the R&S QPS Walk2000 lowers maintenance costs and ensures reliability. This scanner seamlessly integrates into complete security lane architecture and other end-to-end integrated security solutions, providing a comprehensive approach to airport security.

Recently Rohde & Schwarz provided its R&S QPS Walk2000 security scanners for the Munich Security Conference (MSCM). More than 450 international participants were guided through six scanners, one at each entrance. With more than 20,000 scans, the company contributed to a safe environment for the MSC 2023.