Following enlargement, the Abacus Group has established a clear and distinctive corporate identity throughout Europe, which has been implemented to create a better synergy between the Group’s distribution businesses across Europe and to provide a stronger platform for continued development and growth. The re-branding exercise involved renaming many of the Group’s businesses in Europe, and new distinctive yet consistent logos for all its operations.

Most Abacus Group Electronic Component Distribution (ECD) companies will now have Abacus as part of their company name. The Group’s three specialist distribution businesses, and the remaining ECD businesses will retain their existing names, but receive a new logo that includes part of the Abacus @ symbol as a unifying graphic element. All businesses will be identified as Abacus Group companies on their business stationery and promotional materials.

In the UK, Deltron will be renamed Abacus Deltron and Abacus Polar becomes simply Abacus. Micromark C&CD becomes just Micromark, while Trident and TDC retain their existing names. All businesses will adopt a new logo in line with the Group identity.

In Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands, former Deltron companies have been renamed Abacus Deltron, while in Italy the Group’s two businesses are being combined as Abacus ECC. Axess Technology in France will retain its existing name, but receives a new unified logo and RDI becomes Abacus RDI. In the Scandinavian region the Deltron and Promax names will be dropped, and the businesses will trade as Abacus. The exception to this is Deltron Conelec in Denmark, which becomes Conelec and adopts a new style logo.

Commenting on the initiative, Martin Kent, Abacus Group chief executive, said, “Our recent acquisitions moved Abacus into the top five component distribution companies in Europe, and we now need to promote the name of Abacus everywhere. I believe very strongly that people buy from people, but increasingly they also buy from scale. A pervasive brand name can add to an excellent business with great local relationships.”