Fairview Microwave has announced the launch of a new series of diplexers. The products offer simultaneous transmission and reception of signals on different frequency bands. They are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of end-user applications, including UHF/VHF, cable TV, FM and data transmission.

Engineered with a 75 Ohm impedance and F-type connectorized designs, these diplexers offer exceptional performance across various lowpass and highpass frequency bands.

They come equipped with several unique features. They deliver outstanding insertion loss and VSWR performances for efficient signal transmission and reception.

The pass bands of the diplexers cover a diverse array of application frequency ranges, such as MSO applications, FM bands, UHF/VHF bands and satellite TV bands. The F-type female connectorized designs offer easy and secure connections, and their high out-of-band rejections significantly enhance their performance.

“With the immediate availability and superior performance of our new diplexers, we are giving our customers a significant competitive edge in their respective markets. At Fairview, our mission has always been to exceed our customers' expectations, and with these diplexers, we believe we have done just that,” said Steven Pong, product line manager.

Fairview’s new diplexers are in stock and available for same-day shipping.