JADAK, a business unit of Novanta Corporation, announces the release of the ThingMagic® M7e Series featuring the new Impinj E family RAIN RFID reader chips. The M7e Series features five modules, and are the smallest UHF RFID modules on the market, enabling customers to use the chip in extremely small applications such as handheld RFID scanners, wearable RFID devices, surgical hand scanners, mobile RFID printers and smart vending machines. JADAK will work with healthcare OEMs, retailers and CPG customers to integrate the module into unique applications worldwide. 

“The new ThingMagic® M7e Series is a natural fit for critical use cases and will further unlock new IoT device opportunities,” said Matt Branda, Impinj vice president of product management. “The small size and low power consumption of the Impinj E family reader chips allow manufacturers to easily add RAIN RFID functionality to devices, and we’re thrilled to enable industry-leading outcomes for JADAK’s customers around the globe.” 

In addition to the small size, the modules boast ultra-low power consumption, a necessary requirement for mobile RFID printers, handheld or battery-operated devices used in the retail and inventory tracking spaces. And, each module is capable of varying read rates to accommodate a wide variety of application needs. 

One of the most unique features of the M7e Series, as well as all other ThingMagic® modules from JADAK is obtaining certification for select countries in advance. JADAK has extensive expertise in regulatory certification and works to obtain these certifications prior to launch, easing the burden on OEMs to obtain their own regulatory certification. 

Additional benefits to customers include accuracy, speed and the ability to track consumer behaviors over time, allowing for inventory changes to better match customer expectations. And the entire M7e Series is also supported by ThingMagic® Mercury API, a standardized API used across all ThingMagic® products. 

“We worked closely with Impinj, a leader in the industry, to develop these high-performance RAIN RFID modules,” said Harinath Reddy, senior research and development director, RFID, JADAK. “These new modules are optimized to achieve the highest read/write and thermal performance while consuming low DC power, which is very critical for our supply chain logistics, retail and healthcare customers. In addition, some of the M7e modules are drop-in compatible with our M6e modules, allowing our customers to easily migrate to the new modules.”