The AnaPico APSINxx-series signal generators with 12 or 20 GHz upper frequency range are now available with FILT and PE2 options. The FILT option provides a harmonic level of -60 dBm in the X- and Ku-Band frequency ranges while keeping the maximum power level at +25 dBm. The PE2 option includes a mechanical step attenuator that allows the signal generator to operate down to an input power of -120 dBm.

The phase noise of the generator at 1 GHz and 20 kHz offset has a maximum value of -130 dBc/Hz. The signal generator has a maximum frequency tuning speed of 30 µs and it accommodates all standard analog and pulse modulation schemes. The instrument weighs 3 kg and it can operate from an external DC battery without being connected to line power. The AnaPico APSINxx-series signal generators also have an available option that modifies the form factor to a 19-in. rack-mountable 1HU enclosure.

A combination of characteristics such as high signal purity, low phase noise and fast switching speed, along with compact size, low weight and low power consumption makes the APSINXXG RF and microwave signal generators suitable for a variety of lab, production and outdoor applications. These include general-purpose portable RF and microwave signal sources to test electronic, wireless and satellite modules and systems such as:

  • EMC/EMI testing
  • Service, maintenance and verification
  • Signal simulation in a variety of applications like aerospace and defense, radar, AM radio, wireless and satellite.

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