Reflective Switch Gates G-Band Signals

Model SKS-1442243035-0505-R1-M is a single pole, single throw (SPST) reflective switch that operates from 140 to 220 GHz. The switch exhibits insertion loss of 3 dB in the ON state with typical isolation of 35 dB in the OFF state. In-line WR-05 waveguide ports have UG-387/U-M anti-cocking flanges. An SMA connector accepts the TTL-level control signal. The switching speed is 100 ns. Bias voltages of +1 and -2 V are required. The switch measures 1.0 × 1.0 × 0.75 in.


S-Band Diplexer

Exceed Microwave’s custom designed S-Band diplexer provides high isolation of > 120 dB with low insertion loss of < 0.3 dB. It uses dual mode resonators for low insertion loss and sharp near-band rejection. The transmit channel is designed to handle 10 kW minimum. Custom designed filters and other passive RF/microwave components are available.

Exceed Microwave

Common Mode Choke Inductors

Vanguard Electronics, under the iNRCORE family of brands, announced its new XTCMN5 Series common mode choke inductors. The XTCMN5 Series is designed to operate in extreme environments and work in frequency ranges from 100 to 600 KHz+, making them ideal parts for GaN-based power supplies as well as traditional switching supplies. These parts feature a compact low profile, ideal for automatic placement as well as demands of high shock and vibration. Different electrical values and termination finishes are available.


mmWave Controlled Components

General Microwave offers a wide range of mmWave products operating in the 18 to 40 GHz frequency range including catalog attenuators, switches and phase shifters as well as integrated microwave assemblies. If it is a standard catalog unit or a highly customized mmWave product designed specifically for high performance, General Microwave can provide products to support your requirements.

Kratos/General Microwave Corp.

USB SP4T Switch

Mini-Circuits’ model USB-1SP4T-A673 single pole, four throw (SP4T) absorptive switch steers 0.1 to 67 GHz with 2 ms switching speed. Typical insertion loss is 5.8 dB to 40 GHz and 9.8 dB to 67 GHz. Isolation between ports is typically 35 dB to 60 GHz and 30 dB to 67 GHz. Featuring USB port, 1.85-mm female connectors and integrated microcontroller, the switch measures just 4.874 × 0.984 in. (123.8 × 25.0 mm) and can handle as much as +22 dBm input power.


New Bias Tees

Pasternack has introduced an innovative series of bias tees addressing a variety of applications, including test and measurement, research and development, optical communications, satcom and more. Pasternack’s expanded bias tee offering includes various design configurations that cover a broad range of frequencies from 12 KHz to 40 GHz, high DC current and voltage handling up to 7 amps and 100 V, and high port isolation of 30 dB typical. A variety of coaxial packaged configurations are available.


Switch Filter Banks

Switch filter banks are readily customized for filters centered between 0.5 and 18 GHz, with bandwidth from 1 to 100 percent. Digital control can be configured to use TTL or COMS logic with inputs provided through a variety of methods including a micro-D connector or hermetic pins. Typical design considerations include minimizing package size, switching speed, video leakage, phase noise, impulse response, high power and high isolation. Our modules are packaged in a rugged housing with hermetical seals and internal potting in order to provide high-reliability in difficult environments. Applications include military radio, radar, SIGINT, electronic warfare and satcom.

Q Microwave

High-Power, High Directivity Directional Couplers

RLC Electronics’ high-power, high directivity directional couplers offer accurate coupling (± 1.0 dB), low insertion loss (0.1 to 0.35 dB maximum) and > 35 dB directivity in both directions. These high-power couplers are offered with 500 to 1000 W average power handling up to 18 GHz, as well as 100 W versions up to 40 GHz. Couplers are provided in both single- and dual-directional construction, typically over a two octave bandwidth or less. RLC can utilize SC or 7/16 connectors on the main line, should this be needed to meet customer designs.

RLC Electronics

AT Series of RF Chip Attenuators from DC to 20 GHz

RF chip attenuators are components used in communication systems to reduce the strength of a signal passing through it. They play a crucial role in protecting systems from receiving a signal with a power level that is too high to process. The range being introduced from Smiths Interconnect is significant because it offers a high frequency of DC to 20 GHz which is required for use in key commercial and space applications.

Smiths Interconnect