LEMO Connectors announced the expansion of its field-proven M Series with a new multi coaxial configuration, named LM.232, available in size LM with up to 12x coaxial contacts. These new plugs and fixed sockets have been specifically designed to satisfy the most stringent high frequency connection requirements under very demanding environmental conditions.

This new insert configuration integrates 12x coaxial contacts type 0R (50 Ω), allowing the transmission of high frequency data up to 26.5 GHz with a low voltage standing wave ratio. The coaxial contact is easy to mount, thanks to its crimp contact and retaining clip. It is designed to be terminated with flexible low-loss communication cable LMR-100A or MULTIFLEX 86.

Typical applications are wireless network 5G wireless networks, radar systems, battlefield communications and unmanned aerial vehicle anti-drone technology.