This eBook covers several design trends and technologies with high linearity devices ranging from switching to power amplifiers to complete systems. The first two articles cover new RF SOI device technologies addressing 5G MIMO and mMIMO systems. The next article looks at what the perfect HF receiver look like today - one that combines all available technologies into the most modern concept of a software-defined receiver. The next article covers Improving Linearity of a Doherty Power Amplifier with a Dual-Bias Structure. The article after that continues to cover integrated PA topologies for 5G mMIMO. 5G NR RF front end design engineers can benefit from understanding these trends and aspects of the new RF hardware and technologies needed to address the new challenges of 5G, so the next article covers these aspects. Finally, the capabilities and impact of new SOI tunable filter ICs on the design of the RF chains of phased arrays are discussed.

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