Agilent Technologies Inc. and AT4 Wireless (formerly known as CETECOM Spain) announced that Agilent's Measurement Systems Division and Wireless Business Unit have won a contract valued at more than US$1 M jointly with AT4 Wireless for fixed and mobile WiMAX conformance test and regulatory test systems with Telecom Technology Center (TTC), Taiwan.

Agilent's Measurement Systems Division will provide the regulatory test system, project management, installation and training services; AT4 Wireless's Systems Division will provide the fixed and mobile WiMAX radio and protocol conformance test system based on its MINT T2110 architecture. AT4 Wireless's Labs Division will train TTC employees on test procedures for WiMAX Forum Certified™ products.

"This is a further step in the successful rollout of WiMAX in the Asia region and our close relationship with AT4 Wireless," said Amir Aghdaei, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Measurement Systems Division. "With our strong local systems integration and support presence, and our working closely with AT4 Wireless, we were able to meet the customer's needs for a complete WiMAX RF and protocol conformance test solution with the lowest risk."

The AT4 Wireless MINT T2110 Conformance Test System is the official radio conformance test system for WiMAX certification of IEEE 802.16-2004 and ETSI HiperMAN-based devices. Combining AT4 Systems technology with Agilent's industry-leading E4440A Series PSA high performance signal analyzer, 89601 Option B7S/B7Y software and E4438C ESG vector signal generator, MINT T2110 covers the transmitter and receiver test cases for base stations and subscriber stations according to the WiMAX CS 103 001 test specification.

"We have enjoyed a good relationship with Agilent for many years, starting in Bluetooth and more recently the 802.16 WiMAX communication technologies," said Luis Fernando Martinez, general director of AT4 Wireless. "WiMAX represents an excellent new area of mutual cooperation between our organizations." Guy Sene, vice president, Signal Analysis Division, added, "By working with AT4 Wireless on 802.16 RF conformance test systems, we have been able to focus our energies and resources on developing and continuously enhancing our industry-leading measurement and analysis tools for WiMAX."