Cecile Masse, senior RF systems architect at Otava, Inc., with Rohde & Schwarz and MathWorks, will conduct a workshop entitled “Design and Optimization of mmWave Wideband Radios for 5G and Satcom” at European Microwave Week (EuMW) in Milan, Italy.

One of the greatest challenges for designers of millimeter-wave systems for satellite communications, defense and 5G, is addressing issues posed by multi-channel active antenna arrays and various hardware impairments that require complex digital signal processing algorithms for calibration, RF channel corrections, crest factor reduction and beamforming. All these design challenges simply cannot be addressed without a complete end-to-end system prototype.

 This workshop describes how, by combining RF hardware measurements with behavioral models, the design, optimization and testing of mmWave wideband radios can be performed before the entire system is prototyped and productized.

The workshop will be conducted on Friday, September 30, beginning at 2:20 pm in Room Amber 3 of the Milano Convention Center. Registration is required.

At the European Microwave Exhibition prior to the workshop, MathWorks (Booth A10) along with Rohde & Schwarz, will be demonstrating live 5G measurements using the Avnet Wideband mmWave Radio Development Kit for RFSoC Gen-3, featuring the Otava DTRX2 Dual Transceiver mmWave Radio Card, along with Rohde & Schwarz test and measurement equipment. Conference and exhibition attendees are invited to visit MathWorks to meet the experts and learn how MATLAB is used as part of this workflow for modeling, simulating and testing 5G mmWave systems.