According to the Wilson Center, a U.S. based policy forum group, 5G wireless technology is a core foundation in our society and will be essential in how industries compete and generate value, how people communicate and interact and how militaries pursue security for their citizens. The underpinning technology (mmWave phased array antennas) for this vision to become a reality, and the business models for mass adoption of this technology makes the coexistence of mmWave markets both technically possible and economically feasible.

Anokiwave predicted this this industry juxtaposition 10 years ago, foreseeing the exponential demand for increased data rates coupled with Si ICs enabling low-cost mmWave phased array antennas would create an entirely new market for Si ICs and began developing a product portfolio of highly cost-effective solutions. Today, Anokiwave has the enviable position of being one of the few companies in the industry with multiple generations of ICs, that enable low-cost phased array antennas, released and deployed in 5G, satcom, X-Band radar and Aerospace and Defense markets.

“Anokiwave is dedicated to enabling OEMs succeed in the mmWave 5G market with key mmWave innovations that provide critical market solutions,” stated Robert S Donahue, Anokiwave CEO. “Our knowledge base and intimate familiarity with mmWave challenges and best practices give us a unique perspective into these applications which, coupled with our strength in IC design, is invaluable to our customers.”

Through cutting-edge solutions and co-innovation with customers, we continue to make mmWave easy for OEMs as the trusted source of innovative mmWave solutions. Anokiwave is dedicated to developing innovative, high performance, highly integrated IC platforms in high volume that are compact, cost-effective and deliver faster time-to-market for OEMs.