Developing Digital RF Memories and Transceiver Technologies for Electromagnetic Warfare

Phillip E. Pace

This book provides a thorough treatment of the latest developments in digital RF memory (DRFM) technology and its role in maintaining dominance over the electromagnetic spectrum. Part I discusses the use of advanced technology to design transceivers for spectrum sensing using unmanned systems to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum. Part II discusses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable modern spectrum sensing and detection signal processing for electronic support and electronic attack. Another key subject is examination of counter-DRFM techniques.

DRFM and transceiver design details and examples are provided along with the MATLAB software allowing the reader to construct their own embedded DRFM transceivers for unmanned systems. It examines the design trade-offs in developing multiple, structured, false target synthesis DRFM architectures and aids in developing counter-DRFM techniques and distinguishes false target from real ones.

Phillip E. Pace is a distinguished professor (emeritus) in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School and has taught as an adjunct professor at Southern Methodist University in addition to working as a senior scientist at L3Harris Technologies. Pace provides a comprehensive book of about 900 pages covering this topic thoroughly from semiconductor technologies to sensing to algorithms. This is an excellent book on the subject and very organized including examples, equations and graphics.

If you are looking for a comprehensive book on the subject with advanced level details including equations and algorithms, this is a perfect book to read. It is well written and organized with very good figures/graphics, references, equations and examples to explain the concepts that are covered.

Review by: Patrick Hindle

ISBN 13: 9781630816971

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Hardcover: $159

Copyright: 2022

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