TMYTEK mmWave MIMO solution is capable of large-scale MIMO antenna matrix testbed, and provides an algorithm development platform for beamforming management with the flexibility to re-architect the beamformer testbed to form a multiset of array antenna frontends. The SPI control feature implements the ultra-low-latency beam switching that meets the 3GPP requirement.

  • Extendable MIMO beamforming frontend system
  • Quick MIMO prototyping from theory
  • Flexible multi-channel control and ultra-low-latency beam switching

TMYTEK MIMO solution features a flexible design to adapt to different beamforming architectures and provides a development platform for 5G mmWave communication system designers. It fulfills various applications, from small-scale to large complex frontend systems. Adopt multiple beamformer systems could easily build up the MIMO development platform, and the air interface is controllable to radiate the designed beam patterns. The baseband developers can benefit from this MIMO solution as it allows experimenting with advanced beam management algorithms for 5G NR mmWave systems, such as beam steering and beam tracking. In this mmWave communication system, it simply demonstrates the beamforming architecture and MIMO system with different components: TMYTEK MIMO solution plays significant roles as critical components such as the frequency up/down converter - UDBox, Beamformer front end - BBox and array antenna - AAkit.

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