According to Global mobile Suppliers Association's (GSA) NTS database, as of end of June 2022 there were:

  • 977 operators in 244 countries and territories that have stated plans to invest or are actively investing in LTE for public networks, including those evaluating, testing and trialing LTE and those paying for suitable spectrum licenses. This excludes those using spectrum licenses exclusively for 2G or 3G services
  • 760 operators running LTE networks providing mobile and/or fixed wireless access services in more than 210 countries and territories worldwide
  • 287 operators investing in VoLTE in 131 countries and territories, of which 233 have launched commercial VoLTE networks in 111 countries and territories
  • 336 launched LTE-Advanced networks in 146 countries and territories. Overall, 369 operators are investing in LTE-Advanced technology in 159 countries and territories
  • 13 launched networks that support user equipment at Cat-18 downlink speeds in limited geographic areas, five of these supporting Cat-19 in a limited area, and one of those supporting Cat-20 in selected locations
  • More than 300 operators deploying or operating TDD-based LTE or 5G networks, in sub-6 GHz spectrum
  • 496 operators in 150 countries and territories investing in 5G mobile or 5G fixed wireless access or home broadband networks
  • 218 operators in 87 countries and territories that have announced 3GPP-compatible 5G service launches, either mobile or fixed wireless access
  • 108 operators in 52 countries investing in 5G standalone for public networks in the form of trials, plans, paying for licenses, deploying or operating networks.