Sivers Semiconductors AB announced that the Lithuanian hi-tech company 8devices has placed an order for unlicensed 5G RF modules. The total order value amounts to $ 2.1 million dollars and will be delivered in 2022 starting in the first quarter of 2022. This order is designated for one of 8Device's customers. The customer has the right, within some limitations and early warnings, to cancel or move parts of the order at no charge. The company estimates that the recognized revenue for 2022 will amount to approximately $1.5 million dollars. 

“It is very nice to start of 2022 with the largest 5G volume order we have received in the company's history. The pandemic has had a negative effect on our business for about two years, hence it is extra exciting that we now can start delivering volumes with our 5G products to 8Devices and their customers," said Anders Storm, Group CEO Sivers Semiconductors.