Measuring the Future | RF Radiated Testing for V2X


  • Mobile Communications
  • Anti-Collison Radar
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Remote Keyless Entry Systems
  • Satellite Radio


Automotive Antenna Test Solutions

Cars are becoming ‘antenna farms’ with as many as 10 to 80 antennas mounted on them with the addition of new consumer-oriented services. Military vehicles and industrial fleet vehicles also continually add additional antennas for specialized communications, movement coordination and data gathering. While conventional antenna testing techniques are not effective due to new spatial coverage and frequency requirements, AMETEK NSI-MI has developed solutions for automotive antenna testing applications. Our systems allow for the characterization of antennas for cell phones, GPS, satellite radio, collision avoidance, automated tolling, traffic monitoring, personal area networking, AM/FM radio, and more. NSI-MI has developed spherical near-field measurement systems for vehicular antenna testing applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.



AMETEK NSI-MI has developed automotive antenna test solutions for every measurement configuration to include but not limited to:



Quasi Far-Field


Spherical Near-Field



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