Fast, precise data acquisition for the most complex electronic measurements

Our advanced Vector Measurement Controller can be used for fast, on-the-fly electronic testing, precisely coordinated with mechanical motion or other controlled or monitored test attributes. As an enhancement to NSI-MI’s Vector Field AnalyzerTM, the VMC provides comprehensive support of electronically steerable and digital antennas for automated testing. A complete set of selectable trigger and data inputs and outputs gives the VMC the ability to control practically any device or instrument with precise timing resolution.


  • Master-timing controller for complex coordinated measurement tasks
  • Compatible with legacy and third-party instruments
  • Integrated RF multiplexer control functions
  • Comprehensive AESA control interface
  • Digital antenna data interface
  • 20 ns timing resolution


Basic Receiver Control Package

Timing Control - The VMC provides timing control for third party receivers. The timing functions enable triggering the receiver, external sources, and RF multiplexers according to user-defined patterns and delay values. Triggering of the electronic instruments can be precisely arranged relative to position trigger signals obtained from a motion controller.

RF Multiplexer Control - Fast RF switch control is a vital function for use with third-party receivers. The VMC will control solid state or electromechanical RF switches for fast electrical state changes during testing. This functionality is also present in the VFA, but the VMC expands this capability to control additional switches. The VMC has the same multiplexer control port configuration as the VFA, so control cables and interfaces can be easily shared or reconfigured.

Data Buffering - The VMC includes fast, deep data buffering to enable higher acquisition speeds with third-party receivers.

Analog AUT Package

Beam Steering Interface - The VMC provides a comprehensive digital interface allowing several options for controlling AUT states during testing. This basic control interface can be used in two different ways: an “open-loop” scheme allows a selectable fixed dwell time for AUT setup, or a “closed-loop” scheme waits for the AUT to return an acknowledgment to the VMC before continuing. The flexible AUT interface also includes up to 24 parallel bits for AUT state control in addition to the Strobe/Dwell and Strobe/Ack functions. This real-time digital AESA interface enables fully coordinated acquisition sequencing and supports measurements at full AUT rates.

Digital AUT Package

Digital AUT Data Interface - For testing digital antennas, with integrated down-conversion and digitization, the VMC provides a separate Gigabit Ethernet port for data transfer from the AUT to the test system. Data buffering may be enabled for this port when needed. AUT received data is passed to the measurement workstation, or other storage device, via the VMC allowing for fast, smooth data transfer.

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