Cinch Connectivity Solutions announced the introduction of the SMP and SMPM Vertical Launch, PCB Compression Connectors. The innovative solderless design allows for excellent RF performance, and these connectors are available in both common microwave transmission line formats—Microstrip and Stripline. 

Johnson SMPM and SMP Male Vertical Launch Solderless PCB Compression Mount Microstrip and Stripline connectors, are screw-mount and solderless, allowing for quick and easy mounting and removal on PC boards. They offer excellent electrical performance with a maximum VSWR of 1.50 out to 65 GHz, and insertion loss of 0.12 √F dB Max (F in GHz). These connectors are designed to suit various board materials and thicknesses, and the vertical launch design reduces footprint requirements without sacrificing performance, resulting in design and installation versatility and convenience. 

Common applications for these connectors include test and measurement, high speed chip testing fixtures, instrumentation test fixture equipment, board characterization, LAN routers and base stations, 5G wireless test equipment, MIMO and active antennas.