Skyworks has introduced a high linearity, low threshold, dual PIN limiter diode module that addresses the growing need for receiver protection in cellular infrastructure and microwave radio communications. Designed to cover 600 MHz to 6 GHz, the SKY16603-632LF is a fully integrated module comprised of two PIN limiter diodes and two DC blocking caps assembled in a compact, two-pin leadless surface-mount package.

At 2.6 GHz, the SKY16603-632LF has 0.3 dB typical insertion loss with 22 dB return loss. The limiter has a typical threshold of +8 dBm and can handle 3.1 W saturated and 100 W pulsed. Skyworks says it has excellent input third-order intercept (IIP3) and low IM distortion.

Developed for cellular infrastructure base station, repeater and wireless backhaul equipment, the limiter can also be used in a wide range of wireless systems, such as VSAT, S-Band radar, military communications, jammers, GPS, test instruments, automotive and Wi-Fi.