Adding to its broad range of technology suppliers for component solutions from RF, microwave and millimeter-wave through Terahertz frequencies, Impulse Technologies now represents Sakura Tech Corp., an innovative developer of radar based sensor systems for home and industrial applications. Since 1991, Impulse Technologies has supplied everything from antennas through frequency synthesizers for a wide range of markets including aerospace, commercial, industrial, medical, military and scientific research applications. Impulse enhances its extensive product lines and global reach with excellent professional services, including engineering, export licensing, repair and test. 

Sakura Tech offers accurate and reliable imaging sensors based on wideband microwave and mmWave radar technologies. Leveraging the latest antenna energy-directing techniques such as multiple-input, multiple-output antenna arrays, Sakura Tech has also developed dependable algorithms in support of imaging sensors for automotive safety, intrusion alert, nursing care and medical robotics applications. 

Sakura Tech’s is known for its “human friendly sensors anytime.” Its product lines extend from wideband 8-GHz/infrared detection systems to 79-GHz radar sensors, including the model miRadar™ 8 Human Detection Sensor Platform, ideal for safety monitoring of small children in cars, passengers in long trains and patients in hospitals. The platform combines a compact 24-GHz radar module with a powerful sensor algorithm that is software programmable for a wide range of motion-detection applications.