Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc. has received over $2 million in orders of its Engage™ Class 1.2 and 2.4 m FlyAway SATCOM Terminal from a NATO member country.

The Engage™ Class Flyaway Terminal Solution includes the most advanced SATCOM technology. This flexible and transportable satellite terminal is a fully integrated tri-band system designed for strategic applications, easy deployment and operation under harsh environmental conditions.

The terminal is based on high efficiency, ruggedized tri-band ready 1.2 and 2.4 m Flyaway Antennas which can cover X-, Ku- or Ka-Band by replacing the feed only. The antenna is fully motorized with an integrated satellite finding controller. The RF section includes Advantech’s GaN based technology, Solid-state power amplifiers/block-up converters (SSPA/BUC), X-Band from 20 to 100 W, Ku-Band from 16 to 125 W and Ka-Band from 10 to 40 W.

The entire SATCOM terminal has been tested for the highest level of performance and compliance with military requirements.

“These advanced satellite terminals include state of the art digital and RF technology. Within a completely modular and integrated solution, the terminals can uplink two independent carriers (up to 50 Mbps each) allowing simultaneous communication with both upper and lower echelon. These systems have been part of a complex modernization program for this active NATO member and has already been deployed in the field since 2017,” stated Cristi Damian, VP business development at Advantech Wireless Technologies.