The X-Microwave portfolio of Mini-Circuits products has grown to more than 800 Mini-Circuits models available in over 1000 X-MWblock® drop-in modules, more than doubling the offering since the companies’ partnership launched in 2017. The expanded selection includes products in 12 categories:

Amplifiers Mixers
Attenuators Multipliers
Couplers Splitters
Equalizers Switches
Filters Transformers & Baluns
Limiters VCOs

In addition to the growing variety of drop-in blocks, X-Microwave has introduced more than 700 part numbers for Mini-Circuits components, in connectorized housings for evaluation and integration into subassemblies.

X-Microwave’s X-MWsystem® is the industry’s first truly modular, solderless evaluation system, with thousands of physically compatible drop-in building blocks from multiple manufacturers available to prototype microwave assemblies. System blocks are fully characterized and modeled with X-Parameters®, S-parameters and Sys-parameters, enabling easy simulation and physical configuration through X-Microwave’s free, online tools for non-linear simulation and mechanical layout.

This unique, modular approach eliminates custom evaluation board layouts, becoming a popular solution to shorten design cycles and accelerate time to market.

“Our partnership with X-Microwave has allowed us to offer a valuable and truly innovative resource to customers using Mini-Circuits components in their designs.” — Mini-Circuits VP of technical marketing, Steven Scheinkopf

“Mini-Circuits’ broad range of parts and our modular system make it easy for designers to quickly transition from prototype to production hardware. For maximum flexibility, we are aggressively designing in the full portfolio of Mini-Circuits SMT and die parts.” — X-Microwave president, John Richardson