RFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support for a MEMS-based oven controlled oscillator (OCXO) platform. SiTime’s SiT5711 OCXO combines MEMS resonators with programmable analog, innovative packaging and high-performance algorithms for a vibration resistant solution that’s up to 20 times better than what’s currently available.

The SiT5711 offers ±5 ppb frequency stability and 50 ppt/°C frequency slope (ΔF/ΔT). Factory-programmed to any frequency between 1 and 60 MHz, this OCXO is available in a 9 x 7 mm package making it the smallest OCXO available. It’s also available in common OCXO footprints such as 25 x 22 mm, 20 x 13 mm, and 14 x 9 mm to enable drop-in replacement of legacy quartz OCXOs. There are no restrictions on PCB placement and no mechanical shielding is needed for thermal isolation. Applications include 4G/5G remote radio heads (RRH) and pole top mounted radios, base stations, SONET/SDH Stratum 3E, core and edge routers, carrier class switches, IEEE 1588 grandmasters and instrumentation.

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