Empower RF's single band solid-state GaN amplifiers are designed for product testing, covering 600 to 6000 MHz. Visit Empower RF at Booth #201 at the 2019 IEEE EMC Symposium in New Orleans from July 22-26.

Equally suited for the production floor, engineering lab or anechoic chamber, the Model 2223 comes complete with internal DDC, external forward and reverse sample ports, and an easy to use web served GUI. In depth health monitoring with alarms visible on the front panel are also pushed out the LAN port. Output modes include Manual Gain Control, AGC and ALC which provide useful flexibility when integrating into product testing applications.


Model 2222 produces 50 W of power across the same band and is ideal for conducted testing with any modulation scheme CW/Pulse/OFDM/AM/FM/Multi-tone.  For complex digital modulations, you set the PAR and the amplifier will meter and report the output power accurately.  A perfect choice for the “handy transmitter” ISO 11452-9 test.

For embedded applications Empower RF offers even more bandwidth with the 1219 module–500 to 6000 MHz in a single band solid-state 48 VDC GaN compact module.  Delivering a minimum 25 W (40 w typical), Empower RF is the first amplifier manufacturer to cover this bandwidth with an affordable COTS product.  


The Model 1219 utilizes 50 V Gan on SiC which is the most robust GaN semiconductor technology available. GaN on SiC technology has lower leakage currents and higher thermal conductivity and are known to be a more reliable technology than GaN.  An added benefit is 50 V devices require about half the input current as their 28 V counterparts offer the benefit of reduced external power supply size and weight.