RFMW, Ltd. announces design and sales support for an innovative infrastructure amplifier from Skyworks Solutions. The ACA1240 combines a pre-amp, attenuator and driver amp to provide up to 35 dB of gain and 0 to 20 dB of continuously-adjustable, linear attenuation from 50 to 1218 MHz. Designed for CATV CCAP/EQAM/CMTS modulators and networks, this DOCSIS 3.1 compliant, variable gain, edge-QAM driver amplifier module is used in head end and remote PHY applications.

The ACA1240 meets DRFI specifications with an additional 5 dB margin but what sets it apart from competitors is its ability to maintain a good input and output match over the entire AGC range, thereby significantly reducing passband ripple of filters used before or after the device. Operating from a single 12 V supply, this VGA is available in a 11 x 11 mm SMT package.