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MilliBox™ is a family of affordable, compact and modular radiation pattern measurement systems designed specifically for mmWave testing. This innovative system comprises a modular anechoic chamber providing 40 to 50 dB of absorption from 18 to 95 GHz, with a 3D gimbal capable of 360 degree rotation in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The unique, tangle-free gimbal design is attached to a USB dongle and con- trolled using Python scripts, which are provided in source code. The MilliBox can be integrated with any existing measurement equipment if the instrument has an interface from a PC.

MilliBox is an essential lab component for semiconductor or system designers working on 5G systems at 24, 28 and 39 GHz; 802.11ad/ay systems at 60 GHz; and automotive radar at 77 and 81 GHz. The MilliBox family accommodates various far fields: the MBX02 has a far field of 0.8 m, the MBX03 1.4 m and the MBX04 2.0 m. All models will sit on a lab bench, with test equipment conveniently placed underneath the chamber’s deck. This arrangment saves lab space and reduces the length of coaxial cables.

Using MilliBox improves design quality and time-to-market. Unlike a traditional microwave anechoic chamber, which is usually onerous and large, the small size and low cost of MilliBox enable development activities to occur in parallel, increasing productivity. In addition to measuring static radiation patterns, MilliBox can be used to characterize the over-the-air performance of phased array beamforming antennas, radios and the under- lying algorithms and components.

The MilliBox was developed by Milliwave Silicon Solutions, formed in 2016 by founders with more than 15 years of mmWave design and test experience, including SiBEAM. Milliwave Silicon Solutions is on a mission to help the industry accelerate mmWave development by offering design, consulting and advisory services.

Milliwave Silicon Solutions Inc.
San Jose, Calif.