n 28 GHz TWT

The model ITW-28GC-150WA 28 GHz, 150 W traveling-wave tube (TWT) is a high performance, single-beam unit for use in LMDS, wireless communications or satellite uplink amplifier service. The LMDS TWT features a coupled cavity circuit, which improves reliability over the traditional helix design used currently in the West. The coupled cavity design is widely regarded as a good technique for high power mm-wave tubes. EIA WR-28 waveguide and UG 599/U flange transitions provide RF input and output access. Input and output SWR does not exceed 1.3 with integral ferrite isolators. An integral vac ion pump ensures good vacuum conditions, good performance and a long lifespan. General electrical characteristics include an operating frequency of 27.5 to 29.5 GHz, RF output of 150 W (mimimum saturated mode) and £ 60 W (linear mode), voltage of 5.5 ±0.5 V, current at 5.5 V of 1.65 A, gain of 47 dB (saturated mode) and 50 dB (linear mode), and third-order intermodulation level at 6 and 10 dB below saturation of Ð24 and Ð28 dB, respectively.

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