Marki Microwave has expanded the firm's line of passive GaAs MMIC equalizers to cover all applications from L- to Ka-Band. The MEQ series equalizers are ideal for compensating for lowpass filtering effects in RF/microwave and high speed digital systems. Optimized for excellent return loss over the entire band, the MEQ series equalizers provide consistent unit-to-unit performance in a small, low-cost form factor. All MEQ equalizers are available in 1.25 mm2 die.

The MEQX-20ACH family provides a positive slope from DC to 20 GHz with DC attenuation options between 3 and 11 dB.

Marki MW 1

Marki has also developed the DC to 14 GHz MEQX-14ACH and DC to 7 GHz MEQX-7ACH families of equalizers, which complement the existing line of DC to 30 GHz MEQX-30ACH and DC to 40 GHz MEQX-60ACH equalizers.

S-parameters for the equalizers are available on the Marki website.