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The EVK02401/00 is a complete 24 GHz radar, intended as a platform for the development of customer specific sensing solutions. It integrates an antenna, analog front-end, an ARM M7 microcontroller unit (MCU) board with radar firmware and signal processing software into an easy-to-use sensor (the RSE02401/00), enabling customers to create high performance systems using radar. Both FMCW and Doppler functionality provide immediate distance and speed measurements. Other features include USB connectivity, low power consumption, the option to use an external antenna, an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) showing distance and speed and raw data logging.

The sensor incorporated in the EVK02401/00 evaluation kit—the RSE02401/00—is a fully integrated K-Band FMCW radar. To achieve low unit price and high volume, it utilizes low-cost, surface-mount packaged components and no tuning is required. The user can control the unit and receive data over the USB serial interface. A reconfigurable patch antenna is included, or an optional external antenna may be used. 

The sensor has been designed from the ground up using a modular approach, allowing rapid customization and adaption to a customer’s application specific requirements. The primary intended applications involve short range distance or speed measurements in commercial and industrial applications: level measurement, proximity detection and presence detection where speed or distance measurements are required.

Radar sensing technology offers advantages compared to non-radio technologies, including the capacity to function well in various types of weather and atmospheric conditions and high resolution distance measurement. It is also claimed to offer good range. The sensor penetrates a variety of non-metallic materials and can be mounted invisibly, such as behind a radome.

Sivers IMA
Kista, Sweden