Leonardo launched the new BriteEye integrated RF protection system at Electronic Warfare Europe (EW Europe), which took place at Olympia, London on 6 to 8 June. BriteEye provides end-to-end protection from radar-guided threats in a single system, from the detection of hostile radar to the launch of appropriate countermeasures

The system is claimed to be a highly-affordable defensive aids suite that combines sensing and countermeasures into a single integrated product. BriteEye can detect radar-guided RF threats to aircraft and launch appropriate countermeasures to keep aircrews safe. It uses proven technology from Leonardo’s SEER radar warning receiver to detect RF threats and can then automatically cue countermeasures from an integrated countermeasure dispensing system (CMDS) including flares and Leonardo’s BriteCloud expendable radar-jamming decoy.

Designed to fit a compact and lightweight form factor, BriteEye is suited to light fighters, small intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft and even Remotely-Piloted Air Systems (RPAS). Because Leonardo provides the whole system, platform providers can now procure a complete end-to-end RF protection system from the company’s electronic warfare specialists, ensuring smooth interoperability between the different parts of the package.

Leonardo is Europe’s leader in airborne electronic warfare, with more EW systems in service than any other provider. The company has installed defensive systems on UK Armed Forces helicopters such as the AW159 Wildcat, Apache, Puma and Chinook and leads the EuroDASS consortium to provide the integrated defensive aids suite for the Eurofighter Typhoon.