Phase Shifter/Frequency Translators
The series 77 phase shifter/frequency translators provide 10-bit digital control and are available in the 0.5 to 2 GHz, 2 to 6 GHz, 4 to 12 GHz and 6 to 18 GHz bands. Employing an integrated assembly of an RF vector module and a high speed driver circuit, the translators achieve a phase shift of 0° to 360° in 0.35° steps with phase accuracy greater than 10° up to 10 GHz and 12° up to 18 GHz. Carrier and sideband suppression levels are greater than 25 and 20 dB, respectively, at translation rates up to 500 kHz. Switching speed is greater than 500 ns and operating temperature range is -54° to +100°C.
General Microwave Corp., Amityville, NY (516) 226-8900.


6 - 18 GHz IQ Modulator
The model SMC0618LI1CD single-sideband Schottky upconverter IQ modulator has the highest carrier input to output isolation of any other DC to 100 MHz rate linear device (55 dBc, typ). This unusual isolation permits quadrature phase accuracy of 5° with simultaneous output sideband harmonic rejections exceeding 30 dB. The modulator is well suited for digital quadrature phase-shift keying applications with cosine-shaped pulses for minimum bandwidth.
MITEQ, Hauppauge, NY (516) 439-9423.


AMPS-band B Site Receive Filter
The model AFB-21A-8384-01 B site receive filter provides a highly selective receive system in a bandpass and notch filter assembly and low passband insertion loss while attenuating adjacent-channel interference. The dual-duplexed unit provides a common input/output and attenuation against specialized mobile radio (SMR) and extended SMR systems operating from 806 to 821 MHz and 851 to 866 MHz. The notch filter guards against interference from A- or B-band transmitters that operate from 869 to 894 MHz and passes B and B' bands while offering more than 35 dB of rejection in the A" and A band. Attenuation is 20 dB in the A' band and operating temperature range is 0° to 65°C. Type-N female connectors are included.
Narda Microwave-West, a division of L-3 Communications, Folsom, CA (916) 351-4500.


High Speed Frequency Synthesizer
The model 60-560 series direct analog, full-band synthesizer module designed for original equipment manufacturers requiring phase- and frequency-coherent synthesizing covers the 2.0 to 18.5 GHz frequency range. The synthesizer includes a 100 MHz internal crystal oscillator reference for basic testing and operation and has a 1 ms settling time from any frequency to any frequency. The unique internal design ensures 60 dBc minimum spurious rejection of the full frequency band. An additional option includes a dual-mainframe rack that offers convenient drop-in housing of up to two synthesizer modules with the same 19-inch enclosure.
TRAK Communications Inc., a Tech-Sym company, Tampa, FL (813) 884-1411.


DC Power Supplies
The models 1689 and 1690 DC power supplies utilize a standard 115 V AC outlet as the power source and are suitable for a variety of applications, especially DC-operated radio equipment. The new bench-top units provide variable voltage output of 1 to 15 V DC, up to 28 A (at 13.8 V) at continuous operation, 5 mV (pk-to-pk) ripple and noise, and 5 mV (±2 percent load). Both models offer multiple DC output terminals, two pairs of 3 A snap-in connectors that are easily accessible on the front panel and a pair of 28 A screw-in DC output terminals located near the rear panel. Weight: 19.9 lb. Size: 250 mm x 140 mm x 225 mm. Prices: $275 (model 1689) and $349 (model 1690).
B&K Precision Corp., Placentia, CA (714) 237-9220.