Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) has launched a new variant of its VectaStar platform that delivers more than one Gbps to a site and announced that it has secured a project to deploy the solution for a major carrier in New York City, pioneering what is claimed to be the world’s first Gbps point-to-multipoint (PMP) millimeter wave commercial fixed wireless links at 28 GHz.

The new VectaStar 1200 solution utilizes channel bonding to upgrade existing VectaStar network links to deliver up to 1.2G bps at 99.99% availability for up to 2.2 miles. In addition, VectaStar 1200 offers redundancy and high levels of spectrum reuse, enabling Gbps+ peak rates and increased capacity density, maximizing the number of sites that can be backhauled in the spectrum.

The first deployment of VectaStar 1200 will take place in New York City, upgrading a major carrier’s existing 28 GHz VectaStar network to deliver Gbps+ fixed wireless services. By pioneering the solution, the carrier will deliver bandwidth and service level agreements that have previously only been possible through point-to-point (PTP) in common carrier spectrum.

CBNL’s new technology is a major milestone, demonstrating how 5G spectrum can be leveraged today to increase access to Gbps+ connectivity. The project builds on exceptional demand for CBNL’s 10.5 GHz and 26-39 GHz VectaStar solutions, which are approved as ETSI compliant and verified by the FCC.

VectaStar now serves over 100 carriers in more than 50 countries, including for pre-5G fixed wireless in the US.

Lionel Chmilewsky, Chief Executive Officer at CBNL, said: “CBNL is excited to deliver the world’s first Gbps 28 GHz PMP commercial links and provide a transformational path for our customers to scale their networks. VectaStar 1200 will play an important role in helping carriers quickly scale hub sites up to 14.4Gbps and offer the high capacity services that are in such demand.

"This bandwidth, combined with the 50 percent total cost of ownership savings PMP has over PTP, will drive significant network return on investment and offers an evolutionary path to 5G fixed wireless. With 35,000 businesses and homes across the US already receiving improved connectivity via VectaStar, the new solution proves the immediate opportunity to leverage millimeter wave to drive socioeconomic benefits across the country.”