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Sumitomo Electric has added two GaN power amplifiers for X-Band radar applications. The F514 has a typical saturated output power of 350 W (>55 dBm) with 40 percent power-added efficiency and 10 dB power gain across 9.2 to 10.1 GHz. Matched to 50 Ω, the internally matched FET (IMFET) complements Sumitomo Electric’s existing line of 50, 100 and 200 W IMFETs. The GaN power transistor’s flange package is hermetically sealed to ensure the highest reliability when used in rugged environments.

The F501 is a compact, surface-mount, hybrid module that can be used as the power amplifier (PA) in a phased array radar or as the driver for a higher power PA. The two-stage, internally matched amplifier has typical performance of greater than 30 W saturated output power (45 dBm) with 38 percent power-added efficiency and 23 dB gain across 8.5 to 10.1 GHz. The hybrid PA is also assembled in a hermetically-sealed package.

As a pioneer in commercializing GaN, Sumitomo Electric has proven that GaN is a reliable semiconductor technology for radar applications. GaN’s high power density enables radar systems to increase radiated power while reducing size and weight. The increased system power extends the radar’s coverage area for earlier detection of targets.

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