Spectrum Analyzer Software
Spectrum Capture custom software dramatically expands the analysis capability of the company's MS2650/MS2660 series spectrum analyzers. The software enables engineers to capture, analyze, store and recall data on a PC with extreme ease, making signal analysis more precise as well as functional, and creates trace markers to display the power level at various frequency points along the signal trace. The software also has the ability to categorize similar data by frequency, create and display upper and lower limit lines and conduct simple pass/fail tests. Multiple sets of limit lines can be saved in the software and recalled later for comparison. Price: $500. Delivery: stock.
Anritsu Co.,
Richardson, TX
(800) 267-4878.

Electromagnetic Analysis Software
Sonnet® Lite is a free three-dimensional planar electromagnetic (EM) analysis software suite that is suitable for microstrip, stripline and two-layer circuits, including interlayer vias and vias to ground planes. Users can enter circuit layouts in an easy-to-use drawing editor, perform EM analyses, plot and print output results, export output data (S, Y and Z parameters) to other high frequency simulators, and display and animate circuit current density. The software also includes EM analysis combined with lumped elements, as well as the capability to incorporate active devices through external S-parameter data blocks. SPICE model extractions also may be derived for arbitrary circuits and interconnects that are electrically small compared to a wavelength.
Sonnet Software Inc.,
Liverpool, NY
(315) 453-3096.

Power Amplifier Design Software
Microwave WinPADS is a design and optimization software tool that uses measure load pull contours as starting data to optimize a wideband, single-stage amplifier stage. The software uses very fast optimizers and a standard netlist file description for the source and load matching networks. In addition, lumped and distributed microstrip circuit elements with accurate models are included.
Focus Microwaves Inc.,
St-Laurent, Quebec, Canada
(514) 335-6227.