Cobham Antenna Systems has introduced two ultra-wideband gooseneck antennas. The OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-ST/9625 and OA2-2.1-5.9-GN-SRT/9626 are the latest additions range of spring and gooseneck mount antenna range. These ultra-wideband antennas cover the frequency range 2 to 6 GHz and offer almost 5 dBi gain in the higher frequencies.

These antennas are primarily designed for ground robots and unmanned systems but have a range of applications including; manpack; wearable; broadcast and camera mount. The use of an ultra-wideband antenna such as this can reduce the need for multiple narrow band antennas and the antenna 'real estate' on a system. It will also help to future-proof software defined radios.