Modelithics and KEMET announced that the companies have partnered to provide highly accurate measurement based simulation models for the entire KEMET CBR RF Capacitor series.

Modelithics and KEMET recently collaborated to develop highly accurate measurement based equivalent circuit models for the KEMET CBR RF capacitor series, including EIA case sizes 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805 and 0505. These models are now available in industry leading simulation tools including Keysight ADS, Keysight Genesys, NI AWR Design Environment, ANSYS HFSS and Sonnet Suites.

When designing RF circuits, standard models for capacitors fail to provide any effects of pad geometry, substrate conditions, and high frequency parasitic effects.  By utilizing Modelithics scalable Microwave Global Models™, engineers can specify pad and substrate parameters and run simulations of KEMET CBR RF capacitors as if they were measuring directly in circuit. These advanced models are also scalable by capacitance value, since each model covers an entire range of values within a capacitor family. This allows for powerful optimization and tuning of a design. The tolerance parameter provides for statistical analysis capability. All of these features lead to improved first pass design success. 

Larry Dunleavy, president and CEO of Modelithics, stated “KEMET’s customers will be extremely pleased with the new level of design accuracy and analysis that are possible with these powerfully flexible models. KEMET’s sponsorship of these models, as part of Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, shows its commitment to supporting high frequency engineers with the best possible design information.”

KEMET’s CBR Series surface mount multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) in C0G dielectric feature a robust and exceptionally stable copper electrode dielectric system that offers excellent low loss performance (high Q).  These devices offer extremely low ESR and high self-resonance characteristics, and are well-suited for resonant circuit applications or those where Q and stability of capacitance are required.

KEMET is sponsoring FREE 30-day licenses for use of all KEMET capacitor models in the Modelithics library. For more information about the Modelithics KEMET simulation models and to request the free trial, visit the KEMET MVP page at  

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