Qorvo®, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world, today introduced a new family of GaN die transistors with the higher frequency performance and low noise essential for advanced applications in communications, radar and defense RF systems.

The family includes six new GaN transistors manufactured using Qorvo’s industry-unique 0.15 µm GaN on SiC process – QGaN15 – and their associated models. The QGaN15 process enables these transistors to offer high frequency operation to 25 GHz. This supports die-level designs that deliver higher frequency, cost-effective discrete technology up through K-Band applications.

Roger Hall, general manager of High Performance Solutions at Qorvo said, “The combination of higher-performance GaN products, complementary models and dedicated applications engineering support sets Qorvo apart. We help designers get to market quickly.”

Linear, nonlinear and noise models, which enable rapid, accurate performance testing and speed production readiness, are available from simulation leader and partner, Modelithics, Inc. The models offer features such as scaling of operating voltage, ambient temperature and self-heating effects, as well as intrinsic voltage/current node access for waveform optimization.

The table below outlines specifications for the QGaN15 products at 10 GHz.

Product Freq (GHz) Vd (V) Psat (W) PAE (%) SS Gain (dB) NF (dB)
TGF2933 DC-25 28 7 57 15 1.3
TGF2934 DC-25 28 14 49 14 1.5
TGF2935 DC-25 28 5 60 16 1.3
TGF2936 DC-25 28 10 58 16 1.3
TGF2941 DC-25 28 4 60 16 1.3
TGF2942 DC-25 28 2 59 18 1.2

Qorvo is the leading GaN RF supplier for the defense and cable industries*. Since 1999, Qorvo has driven GaN research and innovation. The Company offers proven GaN circuit reliability and compact, highly efficient products. Qorvo is a Defense Manufacturing Electronics Agency accredited 1A Trusted Source, having completed the Defense Production Act Title III GaN on SiC program in 2014. The Company remains the only GaN supplier to achieve Manufacturing Readiness Level (MRL) 9. Qorvo drives the innovation of GaN products for next-generation systems – from DC through Ka-Band – that successfully transition from the factory to the field with robust performance, low maintenance and long operational lifetimes.

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*Strategy Analytics 2016