QinetiQ has been awarded 21 Subpart-J accreditation under Australia’s new Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR) beginning 30 September 2016. The scope and breadth of the approval from Australia’s Defence Aviation Safety Authority is unique to QinetiQ as the provider of structural integrity services to the Australian Department of Defence.

Air Commodore James Hood from Australia’s Defence Aviation Safety Authority said, “We have been working with defence and industry organisations for three years to make sure we’ve got the DASR right. I am thrilled that major Australian industry is involved in phase one tomorrow including QinetiQ.”

Greg Barsby, Managing Director of QinetiQ Australia, said, “QinetiQ is proud to be among the first wave of DASR accredited organisations. The high level of industry engagement and accessibility of the Defence Aviation Safety Authority has had a profoundly positive effect on our transition to DASR.”

Michael Houston, Chief Engineer of QinetiQ Australia, said, “QinetiQ is committed to supporting the Defence Aviation Safety Authority and Australian Defence Force aviation community as DASR implementation matures. The new framework offers numerous benefits including flexibility, efficiencies and commonality.”

The DASR bring Australia into alignment with the European Military Airworthiness Requirements, providing a common baseline with more than 30 other countries. This commonality and the flexibility and efficiencies that DASR offers will benefit and enhance Australian military aviation safety into the future.

QinetiQ is one of the longest standing accredited entities under the previous regulations and has been providing Aircraft Structural Integrity services to Directorate General Technical Airworthiness-Australian Defence Force (DGTA-ADF) for more than 15 years. This accreditation is a critical enabler to QinetiQ’s continued partnership with DGTA-ADF and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group) in the delivery of a sovereign Aircraft Structural Integrity capability.