By the end of 2016, more than half of all new automotive 77 GHz radar systems worldwide will be equipped with chips from Infineon Technologies. Statistically speaking, that means around one in 15 new cars will use a driver assistance system utilizing the company’s 77 GHz radar chips.

The market leadership of Infineon in the rapidly growing market for radar chips for driver assistance systems was also recently confirmed by market research company IHS Technology. While Infineon has sold a total of 20 million radar chips in the past few years, the company intends to have shipped a further 30 million chips for driver assistance systems next year alone. The company would have thus doubled its radar chip sales annually for five years in a row.

”Of the world's five largest manufacturers of radar systems, four already rely on 77 GHz radar chips from Infineon,” said Ralf Bornefeld, Vice President & General Manager, Sense & Control at Infineon Technologies. “We make driving safety the standard in mid-sized and small vehicles. Our sensor chips place the vehicle inside the kind of safety cocoon that is essential for autonomous driving.”

Depending on a vehicle’s category and how it’s equipped, it will have between one and three radar systems. Soon up to five will be offered, together ensuring an ‘all-around view’ that makes new functions like the intersection assistant and parking assistant possible. In the autonomous vehicle, which the automobile industry expects to be available from around 2020, at least ten radar systems may be installed. Together with camera, laser and ultrasonic systems, they form a safety cocoon around the vehicle and are the key technology for autonomous driving.

”With Infineon as a partner, manufacturers of radar systems have an experienced technology leader at their side,” said Ralf Bornefeld. ”Whether they need a radar chip with silicon-germanium technology or a highly integrated CMOS solution, our advantage is our product and system expertise at 77 GHz and 24 GHz, in silicon germanium and CMOS."

Infineon's innovativeness in radar-based driver assistance and the development of automated driving is also confirmed by one of its radar chip teams being nominated for the Deutscher Zukunftspreis 2015 (German Future Award). It is the German President's Award for Innovation in Science and Technology, and Germany's most prestigious innovation award.