Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems has presented Mini-Circuits with its 4-Star Supplier Award for outstanding quality and service for the sixth consecutive year.  The award was presented to Mini-Circuits at Raytheon’s Operational Excellence Supplier Conference recently held in Danvers, Massachusetts.

Each year Raytheon IDS awards fewer than 350 suppliers out of over 3000 with its Operational Excellence Supplier Awards. Candidates are judged on the basis of overall product quality, on-time delivery, and exemplary performance in helping Raytheon deliver mission assurance to its customers.  4-star supplier status requires better than 97.5 percent quality (no defects) and on-time delivery for a minimum period of one year with a minimum of ten shipments.

“Mini-Circuits is proud to be part of Raytheon’s mission and to support our troops throughout the world” said Steven Scheinkopf, Worldwide Technical Marketing Manager for Mini-Circuits. “This achievement affirms the leading edge technology and world-class quality and service we provide our customers.”

Mini-Circuits is honored by Raytheon’s recognition of our consistently high-standards of quality and service.  We look forward to maintaining these standards while continuously improving our products and services to new levels of excellence in the future. Visit www.raytheon.com or www.minicircuits.com for more information.