Qorvo announced a family of eight power amplifiers (PA) designed for small cell base stations and distributed antenna systems (DAS) in the 3GPP bands between 1.8 and 2.4 GHz. The multi-stage PAs, which are pin compatible with ANADIGICS PAs, are in production.

Frequency (GHz) Band Pavg (dBm) Part #
1.805-1.880 3 24 TQP9218
1.805-1.880 3 27 TQP9418
1.930-2.000 2, 25 24 QPA9219
1.930-2.000 2, 25 27 QPA9419
2.010-2.170 1, 4, 10, 34, 66 24 TQP9221
2.010-2.170 1, 4, 10, 34, 66 27 TQP9421
2.300-2.400 30, 40 24 TQP9224
2.300-2.400 30, 40 27 TQP9224

The TQP92xx product family provides 24 dBm average linear power, and the TQP94xx family provides 27 dBm average linear power. The PAs achieve linearity of -47 dBc ACLR with a 20 MHz LTE signal, which can eliminate the need for linearization or digital predistortion (DPD).

These multi-stage PAs include matching and are assembled in low-cost surface mount packages.

Market analyst Earl Lum, president of EJL Wireless Research, said, "While mobile operators continue to deploy outdoor macrocell sites to increase capacity, the wireless industry is transitioning to in-building wireless solutions. LTE/LTE-Advanced drives the need to extend wireless signal coverage indoors for corporate offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and other enterprise clients. Distributed antenna systems and carrier-grade OEM small cell solutions like Ericsson Radio Dot, Huawei LampSite, Nokia Flexi Zone and ZTE's Qcell are key technologies that address the ever growing in-building wireless coverage/capacity problem."