Tim Dolan, longtime vice president of engineering at K&L Microwave in Salisbury, Maryland, passed on April 15, 2016, after several weeks of illness. Tim is survived by his wife Diane, daughter Elizabeth, sons Tommy and Jeffrey, daughter-in-law Jillian, close relatives including three siblings and numerous cousins, and many grieving coworkers and business associates.

Tim was born on June 19, 1957, and grew up in Philadelphia.  A master electrician grandfather helped stoke a lifelong love of circuits, and a powerful work ethic produced a teenaged Jersey Shore charter fishing boat captain.  Tim began his college education at California State University at Los Angeles and completed his electrical engineering degree in 1982 at Penn State, where he met Diane.  He launched his career at the Optimax division of Alpha Industries and joined K&L Microwave in 1992, achieving company officer in two years.

Tim profoundly influenced innovation and design at K&L.  Special expertise included amplifiers and integrated assemblies, power and heat dissipation, and corona and multipaction effects.  He played major roles on classified defense programs, the formalization of K&L’s quality system, and the development of the Filter Wizard® selection software.  Tim worked with university and industry researchers on marketable and patentable product innovations, academic and trade papers, and software advances.  He supported science and engineering education and spearheaded efforts to expand company technical knowledge.

An imposing figure with a wonderful sense of humor, Tim's enthusiasm, generosity, enjoyment of people, and passion for technical topics won affection throughout the industry.  Coworkers recall a “go-to” guy for explanations and assistance.  Customers and reps have expressed gratitude for his honesty and drive.  He was a welcome travel companion and trade show presence.  For Tim, professional problem-solving seemed a vehicle for friendship and helping others, as well as an end in itself.  His contributions to lives, programs, and organizations are lasting, and he is already sorely missed.