BLM8G0710S-30PBGRFMW Ltd. announces design and sales support forAmpleon’s BLM8G0710S-30PBG, a dual section, 2-stage power MMIC targeted as a general purpose driver or final stage amplifier in white space or ISM applications in the 700 to 1000 MHz frequency range.

The BLM8G0710S-30PBG offers >51% typical drain efficiency and offers on-chip matching for ease of use. Ampleon designers integrate internal ESD protection for enhanced reliability.

The BLM8G0710S-30PBG power MMIC is created using Ampleon’s GEN8 LDMOS technology and can support a number of circuit topologies including Doherty, Quadrature combined, push-pull or single ended. Bias is independently internally temperature compensated for both stages. Small signal gain is >35 dB.


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