Komax Wire

Komax Wire                            Booth 227
Modular Wire Cut and Strip Machine

Komax Wire will feature the new Kappa 331 UX modular wire cut and strip machine at IMS2016. The Kappa 331 UX is capable of processing coaxial and triaxial cables with cross sections ranging from AWG 24 to AWG 2. The Kappa 331 UX can be changed over quickly to increase efficiency and production rates. For more information, please contact your local Komax Wire sales representative or visit Booth 227 at the show.

Sage Millimeter Inc.

Sage Millimeter Inc.             Booth 302
W-Band MechanicallyTuned Gunn Oscillator

Model SOM-94308315-10-M1 is a W-Band mechanically tuned Gunn oscillator utilizing a high performance InP Gunn diode and proprietary cavity design to deliver +15 dBm typical power directly with a frequency range of 90 to 98 GHz. Product delivers low AM/FM noise and harmonic emissions in the wide mechanical tuning range. The Gunn oscillator is equipped with a micrometer tuner for quick frequency tuning and setting as benchtop equipment.

Polyphase Microwave

Polyphase Microwave        Booth 315
Single-Sideband Mixer

The SSB0260A is a 200 to 6000 MHz single-sideband mixer that is ideal for applications requiring exceptional carrier leakage and sideband suppression performance. The carrier leakage can be nulled by the device automatically to < -60 dBm via USB. Onboard, non-volatile memory provides 200 null settings that can be saved and recalled for different carrier frequencies, all while maintaining typical sideband suppression performance of < -40 dBc. This unit is also sold as an I/Q modulator for high performance wireless applications.

Wenteq Microwave

Wenteq Microwave              Booth 328
Wideband Coaxial Circulator

Model F2548-0079-46S is a wideband SMA connectorized circulator covering 610 to 970 MHz. It features 0.5 dB maximum insertion loss, 15 dB minimum reverse isolation, and 1.40:1 maximum VSWR, and can handle 50 W of CW power. The package size is 2.362" × 2.472" × 1.180".


Accel-RF                                     Booth 332
Accelerated Life-Test/Burn-In Test Systems

Accel-RF specializes in the development, design and production of accelerated life-test/burn-in test systems for GaN and other RF compound semiconductor devices. The automated multi-channel RF-biased burn-in test system is the only integrated instrument that can demonstrate compliance with aerospace, government and commercial RF semiconductor life test standards (GaAs, SiGe, GaN, SiC, InP and RFIC). Accel-RF solutions decrease product development time, ensure exceptional reliability and accelerate income opportunities.


Anokiwave                               Booth 356
Silicon Quad Core AESA ASICs

Anokiwave offers a family of silicon quad core AESA ASICs at X and K/Ka-Bands for commercial radar, 5G, SATCOM, and A&D markets. The company’s product portfolio of si core ICs and system-in-package solutions allows its customers the fastest time-to-market possible, with expert systems engineering and optimal technology solutions.

Agile Microwave Technology Inc

Agile Microwave Technology Inc.                      Booth 402
Broadband 15 W Power Amplifier

Agile MwT’s new broadband 15 W power amplifier operates from 2 to 18 GHz and is offered in a benchtop box or in a compact module configuration. AMT-A0350 provides Psat of 15 W with flat small signal gain of 42 dB typical, ±1 dB typical gain flatness with VSWR of 1.8:1 typical. The family of these PAs are competitively priced and ship from stock or short lead time. Agile MwT offers great value with most innovative designs in the industry.

SignalCore Inc.

SignalCore Inc.                       Booth 412
High Performance 20 GHz Signal Source

SignalCore’s high performance 20 GHz VCO-based synthesized signal source is cost effective, compact and designed for seamless integration. With frequency spanning 100 MHz to 20 GHz (1 Hz resolution), low phase noise of -115 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset at 10 GHz carrier, and amplitude step resolution of 0.01 dB over a -30 to +10 dBm output range, this product is ideal for R&D, academic, military and commercial applications. Full implementation instructions and GUI included. Available in USB, SPI, RS-232 and PXIe.

MCV Microwave

MCV Microwave                     Booth 416
Ceramic Filters

MCV ceramic filters feature high Q, low loss filters, small size and rugged SMT design using discrete resonators and monoblock ceramic covering 300 MHz to 10 GHz. MCV’s ceramic filter line includes bandpass filter, band reject filter, lowpass filter, highpass filter, duplexer and multiplexer. High power ceramic filters (20 to 30 W continuous power) are suitable for small cell base station applications such as 4G LTE, public safety and wireless communication in 700 MHz up to 5 GHz.

Copper Mountain Technologies

Copper Mountain Technologies                           Booth 423
High Performance VNA

Experience an exceptionally accurate VNA while utilizing the latest PC advances. Copper Mountain Technologies’ Cobalt C1220 offers lab-quality S-parameter measurements between 100 kHz and 20 GHz. This compact, high performance VNA takes advantage of manufacturing innovations to deliver the speed and metrological accuracy you need. C1220 offers a typical dynamic range of 145 dB, up to 500,001 measurement points per sweep, and can reach a measurement speed of 10 microseconds per point.


CTT Inc.                                      Booth 432
2 to 6 GHz, 80 W Power Amplifier

This new GaN-based solid-state power amplifier, model AGM/060-4960, covers 2 to 6 GHz with CW output power ranging from to 80 W, with a 150 W version coming soon. This compact amplifier is designed for commercial, industrial and military EW applications. Specifications: gain, 60 dB; gain flatness, ±3.0 dB; noise figure, 6 dB; Psat, +49 dBm (+48 dBm at band edge); Vdc +30 V; DC current, 15 A. The amplifier measures 6.32" × 4.50" × 0.80".


Besser Associates Inc.          Booth 439
RF and Wireless Training

Besser Associates is a worldwide leader in RF and wireless training. Their instruction combines theory with hands-on practice, the latest tools and technology, and the most appropriate training media (online and traditional classroom) for individualized, meaningful participant experiences. Besser chooses their instructors from the best and brightest in their fields around the world; they carry an average of 20 years of field and applied teaching experience. Courses can be presented on-site and customized to meet the specific needs of the client.


Vaunix                                        Booth 523
Programmable Attenuator

The LDA-203 offers excellent frequency coverage of 0.1 to 20 GHz and has an attenuation range of 0 to 63 dB. It features a programmable step size resolution of 0.5 dB, insertion loss from 10 to 15 GHz of -16 dB max., and a response time of 100 nsec. It is programmable for fixed attenuation or swept attenuation ramps directly from the included graphical user interface (GUI) software and is powered and controlled by connection to a PC or self-powered USB hub.

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH

Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH                             Booths 530/531
Phase Shifters

Phase shifters or phase adjusters of Spectrum Elektrotechnik GmbH are passive devices, being used to change the phase of an RF signal. Key parameters include consistent amplitude across all phase states and low insertion loss. The units are used in phased array antennas, phase modulators, frequency converters, testing and instrumentation. Frequency ranges start always at DC, with operation to 2, 12, 18, 26, 40, 50 and 63 GHz. New are the mini phase adjusters.

Quest Microwave

Quest Microwave     Booths 530/531
Ferrite Devices

Quest Microwave provides a broad range of ferrite devices for the global microwave electronics marketplace. Standard and custom designs are available for both commercial and military applications. With over 60 years of combined experience, the company’s engineering staff can design and develop ferrite devices for virtually any application. They are there to provide you with world class microwave components solutions.

Norden Millimeter

Norden Millimeter               Booth 540
Block Frequency Converters

Norden Millimeter produces a variety of block frequency converters converting 18 to 26.5 GHz, 26.5 to 40 GHz, 40 to 60 GHz, and 60 to 70 GHz bands into the 2 to 18 GHz band. These converters are usable to extend the frequency range of existing systems with 18 GHz capability. Norden makes both down and up-converter versions for each of these bands. These converters can have variable gain, 0.03 to 18 GHz bypass paths, and common IF input/output. Pictured is a four channel 26 to 40 GHz down-converter presently in production.

Mercury Systems

Mercury Systems                   Booth 630
Surface-Mount Isolators and Circulators

Mercury Systems introduces surface-mount isolators and circulators operating from 2 to 36 GHz in varying bandwidths. These components offer ideal solutions to grounding issues associated with drop-in style devices and don’t require a pocket to be machined into the final board layout. The devices are temperature stable and can handle solder reflow temperatures associated with SN62 (or lower temperature) solder. Specific board materials can be accommodated based on customer requirements. Electrical performance is typically commensurate with comparable connectorized devices.


Rosenberger                            Booth 639
Multifunctional Site Analyzer

For efficient on-site test and measurement, Rosenberger introduces its new CPRI and RF PIM multifunctional Site Analyzer α, the world’s first analyzer for mobile network infrastructure – with copper or fiber interface and exchangeable filter units. This unique portable equipment is ultra-broadband and presents various options for test and measurement functionality: CPRI PIM, RF PIM, RF return loss/VSWR, isolation and the most accurate distance to fault on the market.

Wenzel Associates Inc.

Wenzel Associates Inc.        Booth 648
1 GHz Golden-Q Frequency Source

The 1 GHz Golden-Q frequency source is one of Wenzel’s lowest phase noise crystal oscillators with exceptional noise floors below -176 dBc/Hz. The oscillator has an integrated phase jitter performance of 3.380 fs RMS from 12 kHz to 20 MHz, critical to high bandwidth systems. Part of the company’s MXO line of multiplied oscillators, which are available to 16 GHz, are easily customized with no NRE and can come with internal PLLs, multiple outputs and a precision 10 MHz OCXO suitable for the system clock.


RFMW Ltd.                                Booth 649
Power Transistor

Ampleon’s BLF10M6200 is a 200 W LDMOS power transistor targeted for 700 to 1000 MHz ISM applications. The BLF10M6200 offers 28.5 percent typical drain efficiency and is internally matched for ease of use. Ampleon designers integrate internal ESD protection for enhanced reliability. The BLF10M6200 offers ruggedness in class-AB operation and is capable of withstanding a load mismatch of 10:1 through all phases. With 20 dB of gain, this transistor draws 1400 mA of current from a 28 V supply.

R&D Interconnect Solutions

R&D Interconnect Solutions Booth 654

Invisipin is the world’s first solderable, individual pin conductive elastomer contactor. Invisipin offers unparalleled performance with 20 mΩ resistance (typical), high compliance range, 1 dB bandwidth > 50 GHz, and up to 4 amps current capacity. Invisipin also offers flexibility with standard pin configurations of 0.23 mm to 0.64 mm diameter supporting pitches from 0.4 mm to >1 mm. Available in tape and reel (machine placeable) or fully integrated into custom products, Invisipin is infinitely configurable and individually replaceable.

B&Z Technologies

B&Z Technologies                 Booth 710
Ultra Low 2.5 dB Noise Figure Amplifier

B&Z Technologies now offers an ultra low 2.5 dB noise figure amplifier in the 26 to 40 GHz Ka-Band. Ideal for use in sensitive signal detection in SATCOM and microwave communication applications, this amplifier offers >35 dB gain with more than +10 dBm power and a typical gain flatness of ± 2 dB. Packaged in a small form factor housing (30 mm × 19 mm × 7.5 mm), it is powered by a single supply voltage as low as +8 V and consumes less than 1.2 W. It also has an excellent resilience to ESD.

Z-Communications Inc

Z-Communications Inc.       Booth 711
Phase-Locked Oscillator

The RFS4300Z-LF is a fixed phase-locked oscillator with an integrated reference oscillator that provides a very stable signal at 4.3 GHz. Requiring just a single +5 Vcc at 60 mA, it delivers a nominal +3 dBm of power and spectral purity of -85 dBc/Hz at the 1 kHz and 10 kHz offsets. The robustness of the RFS4300Z-LF makes it even more appealing. It is designed for extreme environments by operating over the -55° to 105°C temperature range.

Eclipse Microwave Products

Eclipse Microwave Products Booth 713
Low Noise Amplifier

Eclipse Microdevices EMD1715 is a GaAs MMIC PHEMT distributed general purpose low noise amplifier. This LNA has a small signal gain of 14 dB with noise figure less than 1.8 dB at 6 GHz. This device is ideal for applications that require a typical P1dB output power of +20 dBm up to 12 GHz, while requiring only 103 mA from a +5 V supply. The EMD1715 comes in a small RoHS compliant 4 mm QFN leadless package which has excellent RF and thermal properties.


CST                                               Booth 739

CST STUDIO SUITE is CST’s flagship electromagnetic simulation tool, and is used in industries as diverse as telecommunications, defense, automotive, electronics and healthcare to design, simulate and optimize products. The 2016 release lets you delve deeper into your designs than ever before. From individual components such as antennas and filters through to full assembled systems, devices can be simulated quickly and accurately thanks to the array of new modeling and simulation features.

Cernex Inc

Cernex Inc.                               Booth 747
Benchtop Amplifiers

Cernex’s benchtop amplifiers are designed for use in a wide range of general purpose applications such as laboratory test equipment, instrumentation and other applications. Reliable operation is achieved using rugged stripline circuit construction with selected GaAs FETs, PHEMTs and MMICs.

MECA Electronics Inc

MECA Electronics Inc.         Booth 818
4G/5G Ready Products

MECA announces its new family of 4.3/10.0, 4G/5G ready products, from low PIM attenuators, terminations and splitters to resistive terminations and power dividers. Ideal for 4G, 5G and backhaul upgrade applications. Features include low PIM terminations 10, 50 and 100 W models, low PIM attenuators 50 and 100 W models, low PIM splitters 2- and 3-way, and resistive loads in 1, 2, 5 and 10 W models. All models are weatherproof IP67 rated, made in the U.S. and carry MECA’s industry leading 36-month manufacturing warranty.

Huber+Suhner Inc

Huber+Suhner Inc.              Booth 846
MXP – Multicoax Test Solution

In a world where performance, speed and density matter, Huber + Suhner’s MXP multicoax solution is the perfect fit. The small form factor and outstanding electrical characteristics combined with reliable mating and ease of use make the MXP an excellent solution for benchtop and system testing with a large selection of bandwidths. MXP50 (50 GHz), MXP40 (40 GHz) and MXP18 (18 GHz) cover current data rate requirements. The entire MXP family comes with the highly flexible and ultra-stable MULTIFLEX cable as a standard.

Integra Technologies Inc

Integra Technologies Inc.  Booth 850
1200 W GaN Transistor

With the highest RF power in the industry, Integra Technologies introduces
IGN1011L1200 on GaN/SiC, exhibiting 17 dB gain and 75 percent efficiency at 1030 to 1090 MHz, 50 V for IFF at ELM conditions. Devices are 100 percent tested. Please visit Integra’s website for UHF, L, S, C-Band transistors and pallets. Serving the avionics, radar and communication global markets for the last 20 years.


Cadence                                     Booth 851
RFIC Simulator

The Cadence® Spectre® RF Option is a production-proven, accurate and high performance RFIC simulator. Its patented time domain engine is the golden reference for VCO phase noise simulation, while its frequency domain engine delivers a unique, comprehensive set of analyses for fast, accurate RFIC verification. The latest version adds Bluetooth LE/HS and 802.11b to the rich set of supported standards. Spectre RF Option is integrated into the Virtuoso® Analog Design Environment, allowing designers access to advanced analytical tools for more complete design validation.

SV Microwave

SV Microwave                         Booth 910
Connectors, Cable Assemblies and Adapters

Looking for a subminiature blindmate connector, cable assembly or adapter for your high density, high performance application? Check out SV Microwave’s complete line of SMP, SMPM and SMPS product lines. SMP series connectors are recommended for applications up to 40 GHz; SMPM series up to 65 GHz; and the SMPS series to 100 GHz. SV has COTS versions available immediately through distribution or direct.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions

Crane Aerospace & Electronics Microwave Solutions                Booth 911
K-Band 2-Way Device

Crane Aerospace & Electronics announces a new K-Band 2-way device, expanding its iso-divider product line for space applications. The newest K-Band 2-way iso-divider features similar outstanding performance as previously introduced Ku-Band 2-, 4- and 8-way products, including exceptionally low insertion loss and optimum band flatness performance. Other features include small size, low weight and high reliability, crucial for space applications.

JQL Electronics Inc

JQL Electronics Inc.               Booth 919
X-Band Surface-Mount Solution

JQL Electronics Inc., a manufacturer of RF/microwave isolators and circulators releases its new X-Band surface-mount solution. Like many of JQL’s high performance circulators, the new X-Band solution has robust design and high performance in a small package. The new X-Band circulator offers very low loss and high isolation. The surface-mount package makes it an excellent solution for PCB mounting. For more information, please contact the company at sales@jqlelectronics.com.

Millitech Inc

Millitech Inc.                            Booth 930
E-Band Linear-to-Circular Polarizer

Millitech Inc. announces its high performance E-Band linear-to-circular polarizer. Offering a low axial ratio of <0.6 dB, a low insertion loss of <0.5 dB, and a typical VSWR of 1.25:1 within the high and low unlicensed communication bands (71 to 86 GHz), the polarizer can be optimized for any frequency you require from 18 to 110 GHz and above. Key benefits are ultra-wide bandwidth, exceptional axial ratio and low loss.

Trak Microwave Corp

Trak Microwave Corp.        Booth 931
Compact C-Band Transceiver

TRAK model T001291 C-Band transceiver integrates GaN technology into this compact (4"×4.6"×0.8") module that provides 4 W min Tx output power and <3 dB Rx noise figure. The device is designed for airborne environments offering 100 kHz step size frequency agility, <30 W DC power consumption (Tx mode), integrated filters that provide interference rejection in Rx mode and harmonics attenuation in Tx mode. The unit incorporates all-SMT construction and moisture resistance packaging to withstand harsh military environments.


MACOM                                      Booth 939
GaN Transistors

Leveraging MACOM’s GaN technology, the new MAGb series is the industry’s first commercial base station-optimized family of GaN transistors to achieve leadership efficiency, bandwidth and power gain with a linearity and cost structure like LDMOS, and a path to better than LDMOS cost. The MAGB-101822-120B0S is the first in this family covering 500 MHz of RF bandwidth between 1.7 and 2.2 GHz, delivering over 160 W of peak power and peak efficiency of 74 percent with fundamental tuning only and linear gain over 19 dB.


Anritsu                                       Booth 949
VectorStar VNAs

For applications ranging from microwave component testing to on-wafer device characterization, the VectorStar™ vector network analyzer family uses nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) technology to provide best-in-class performance — and it’s only from Anritsu. Get the confidence you need in every VNA measurement. Visit Anritsu’s Booth 949 at IMS to see the latest features and functionality of the full VectorStar product line.


Metrigraphics                      Booth 1012
Flexible Circuits

Micron-scale flexible circuits from Metrigraphics can be produced in multi-layers and with circuit lines as narrow as 3 microns. They’re flexible enough to wrap around small objects and are durable enough for harsh MILCOM environments. Circuits are achieved via high resolution photolithography, as well as sputtered thin-film and plated metal deposition techniques. Multilayer flexible circuits are constructed of several independently stacked, aligned and interconnected layers composed of very thin sputtered metal on polyimide substrates. Typical applications include sensors, electrodes, coils, resistors, inductors, conductors and bridges.


Micro Lambda Wireless Inc. Booth 1110
Miniature Low Noise Frequency Synthesizers

All units provide 1 kHz step size (programmable) with power levels of +10 to +13 dBm depending on frequency. Units are available with internal crystal reference, external crystal reference or both. Interface is 5 wire SPI or standard USB control. Temperature range of 0 to +65°C is standard, but -40° to +85°C temperature range is available under special or order. Size is 2.5"× 2.5" × either 0.65" or 0.5", which is a perfect fit for a single slot PXI chassis.


Remcom                                  Booth 1114
XFdtd’s Circuit Element Optimizer

XFdtd’s Circuit Element Optimizer uses a new technology that combines full-wave 3D EM simulation with circuit optimization to solve an age-old RF problem: determining which component values provide the desired match for a given matching network layout. Visit Remcom’s booth to see a demonstration of how this new tool simplifies antenna design engineers’ workflow by eliminating the step of soldering components in and out of a prototype.

Kratos General Microwave Corp

Kratos General Microwave Corp.                Booth 1121
Indirect Synthesizer with Frequency Modulation

Kratos General Microwave enhanced its family of indirect synthesizers with the addition of the model SM6218 with frequency modulation capability. It can provide a frequency deviation of 1 GHz at up to a 10 MHz rate and can be controlled with either analog or digital inputs. Of special significance — the synthesizer output frequency remains fully locked even while in the FM mode. Its small size and high reliability makes it ideal for use in demanding airborne environmental conditions as well as test systems.

Ciao Wireless Inc

Ciao Wireless Inc.               Booth 1132
RF and Microwave Amplifiers/Assemblies

Ciao Wireless specializes in the design/manufacture of RF and microwave amplifiers/assemblies for both the defense and commercial industries, from 30 KHz to 44 GHz, including the various narrow and ultra-broadband frequencies in between. Ciao offers a complete catalog product line and custom designs to meet all of your exact microwave amplifier and subsystem needs.


Modelithics                           Booth 1138
Modelithics CLR Library for Sonnet Suites

Modelithics Inc. is once again expanding the availability of the powerful Modelithics® CLR Library of Microwave Global ModelsTM for capacitors, inductors and resistors. The advanced simulation models offer scalability of substrate properties, part value and pad dimensions, and accurately predicts parasitic effects based on these inputs. Modelithics has supported Keysight Technologies’ ADS and Genesys, and NI/AWR Design EnvironmentTM for years. Support for ANSYS® HFSSTM was introduced in 2015. This year, support for Sonnet® SuitesTM was announced and is now available to designers using Sonnet.

Maury Microwave

Maury Microwave              Booth 1139
Measurement and Modeling Solutions

Maury Microwave will be demonstrating state-of-the-art measurement and modeling solutions including: a patent-pending noise parameter system, a pulsed IV/RF and compact modeling solution, a hybrid-active load-pull solution based on the PNA-X, a patented mixed-signal active load-pull system capable of up to 1000 impedance/power measurements per minute and 240 MHz of instantaneous impedance control, and Maury’s patent-pending LXI™-certified automated impedance tuners. Visit Maury for demos at IMS.

American Technical Ceramics

American Technical Ceramics                                 Booth 1210
Q-Bridge Thermal Conductor

ATC’s new Q-Bridge thermal conductor is manufactured with the highest quality materials for reliable and repeatable performance, providing a cost effective thermal management solution. These devices are constructed with aluminum nitride (AlN) or beryllium oxide (BeO) and are available in 0302, 0402, 0603 and 0805 case sizes. With inherently low capacitance, Q-Bridge is virtually transparent at RF/microwave frequencies, and will not affect RF performance. Q-Bridge is manufactured using one-piece construction, and provides a RoHS compliant SMT package that can be used in a wide range of applications.

JFW Industries

JFW Industries                     Booth 1214
Improved Software for USB Programmable Attenuator

JFW announces the release of brand new control software and graphical user interface (GUI) for its family of USB programmable attenuators. Multiple attenuators can be individually controlled or scripted together for complex test scenarios. JFW can also provide their easy-to-use .NET library for custom application development.

Barry Industries

Barry Industries                 Booth 1217
HTCC Quad-Flat-No-Lead Packages

Barry Industries, an ISO9001:2008 certified, ITAR registered manufacturer, introduces their line of hermetically sealable HTCC Quad-Flat-No-Lead (QFN) packages with air cavity for high frequency applications. These packages are available in 6 sizes from 3 mm to 8 mm with standard JEDEC MO-220 footprints. Maximum insertion loss is 0.5 dB from DC to 18 GHz, 1.5 dB from 18 to 35 GHz, and 4 dB from 35 to 40 GHz. HTCC construction provides for excellent mechanical strength. Standard plating is gold over nickel.

M.I. Cable

M.I. Cable                                Booth 1222
Cable Assemblies

C25 series is super flexible for durable cable assemblies of superior mechanical and electrical performance, well suited for applications requiring extremely limited installation space. C25 series can be built with a wide range of connectors, such as SMA, MCX, SMP and 2.92 mm. These assemblies provide consistent performance with repeated bending and handling. Please email sales@micable.cn for more information.

Herotek Inc.

Herotek Inc.                           Booth 1225
X-Band High Power Limiter

Herotek offers an 8 to 12 GHz high power limiter that can protect up to 100 W CW and 1 kW peak (1 microsecond pulse width). Model LS0812PP100A has a very low leakage level or +13 dBm typical at 100 W CW input with a fast recovery time or 1 microsecond typical. It comes in a hermetically sealed module with built-in DC block at the input and output.

International Manufacturing Services

International Manufacturing Services                                   Booth 1227
Thermal Management Device

The ThermaBridgeTM offers excellent thermal conductivity with electrical isolation at the component level. The ThermaBridge is a simple and cost effective thermal management device which uses thermally conductive aluminum nitride with metalized terminals to transport heat from one location to another, thus enhancing overall board performance. IMS offers the ThermaBridge in numerous sizes and thicknesses, allowing users to choose the part which best fits their thermal management needs.

Keysight Technologies

Keysight Technologies    Booth 1239
X-Series Signal Analyzers

Keysight Technologies’ new X-Series signal analyzers provide a streamlined multi-touch interface that enables optimization of measurement parameters in two touches or less. The X-Series offers the first integrated 1 GHz analysis bandwidth to simplify test setup for analysis of wideband systems in radar and 5G research, the widest real-time streaming (up to 255 MHz bandwidth for enhanced analysis of intermittent and highly elusive signals), and industry-best phase noise performance in all models addresses emerging needs in radar, LTE and more.

Q Microwave

Q Microwave                        Booth 1251
Wideband RF Converters

Q Microwave Inc., a supplier of RF filter products, is now offering frequency-agile RF converters, capable of converting RF frequencies between 0.5 and 18 GHz, with 500 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth, for an IF range centered at 1200 MHz (950 to 1450 MHz). Uses two externally provided LO inputs, with digital control through a micro-d connector. Packaged in a small-sized rugged hermetically sealed housing.

RelComm Technologies Inc

RelComm Technologies Inc. Booth 1322
RMT-Series 1P12T

RelComm Technologies Inc. complements its product line by offering a low cost high performance 1P12T relay configured with ‘SMA’ type connectors providing exceptional RF performance to 18 GHz. The relay measures 2.25" square and is less than 2" tall. It is fitted with standard DA15P header for ease of installation. The relay is available in both latching and failsafe configurations with 12 and 24 V DC operation. Options include TTL control input.

RelComm Technologies Inc

RDT-18 GHz Series
Relcomm complements its product line by offering a new 18 GHz microstrip/co-planer waveguide mount relay in a 1P2T configuration. This “pin out” device provides greater layout and packaging density measuring just 0.900" square × 0.550" high. The relay provides exceptional RF performance to 18 GHz (1.50:1 VSWR max, 0.50 IL max and 60 dB min ISOL). Typical uses include standby applications, input/output swapping and developing switch matrices. It can be configured with a failsafe or latching actuator and is available in 12 and 28 V DC operation.

Networks International Corp

Networks International Corp. Booth 1324
Printed Filters

NIC’s engineering expertise in high reliability RF products includes a specialty in printed filters that span 1 to 20 GHz. These low profile (0.15") filters can be customized to meet passband requirements from 1 to 100 percent as well as a wide range of environmental requirements. Whether your challenge is a small form factor, high power, or cost, NIC’s unique products showcase a variety of creative solutions for all of your radar and communications needs. Please stop by Booth 1324 for additional information.


OML Inc.                                  Booth 1333

OML introduces its first down-converter (CxxLNDC) that directly interfaces with a spectrum analyzer without the need of an external LO source. With a typical conversion loss of 12 dB, excluding IF amplifier gain, and a compression of 0 dBm typical, this down-converter covers both V-Band (50 to 75 GHz) and E-Band (60 to 90 GHz). These two models can help to provide solutions in IEEE 80211.ad (Y-Gig), point-to-point radios and automotive radar.


Ducommun                           Booth 1417
Coaxial Switching System

Ducommun’s C323U5X16-01 is a bidirectional, 50 ohm blocking (one path at a time), coaxial switching system that operates between DC to 22 GHz. This system is configured with 5 QMA (SMA/N/BNC can be substituted) input connectors and 16 QMA (SMA/N/BNC can be substituted) output connectors. Locally, the unit can be controlled via a 4-line 4 × 40 LCD and 16 button keypad and remotely via Ethernet/USB/RS-232/RS-488/GPIB using SCPI commands.

LPKF Laser & Electronics

LPKF Laser & Electronics Booth 1423
Ultraviolet Laser System

The ProtoLaser U3 is an ultraviolet laser system with a 20 µm focused beam diameter for processing printed circuit boards. Winner of a SMT Vision Award, the ProtoLaser U3 can etch circuitry, drill holes and depanel PCBs all in a single step. The ProtoLaser U3 can laser etch, drill and cut a wide variety of PCB substrates: FR4, fired ceramics, green and co-fired LTCC, flexible and rigid-flex materials, high frequency RF and microwave materials.

Delta Electronic Mfg. Corp

Delta Electronic Mfg. Corp.       Booth 1428
Positive Interconnect Guidance

Is real estate a concern on your PCB’s? Misalignment issues? Optimizing packaging space and positive interconnect guidance utilizing multiple RF, microwave or millimeter wave connections are now achievable. Delta Electronics Mfg. Corp. is the industry leader in “gang-mounting” technology. The engineers at Delta have worked closely with its customer base on significant design wins, where space and alignment issues were paramount to success. Their engineering team will work closely with you to offer a standard, or a customized version, to achieve your design goals. Email sales@deltarf.com for more information.


Krytar                                       Booth 1429
Compact Broadband Directional Coupler

KRYTAR’s new coupler, model 110067006, offers superior performance ratings including nominal coupling (with respect to output) of 6 dB, ±2.5 dB, and frequency sensitivity of ±0.75 dB to 50 GHz, and ±1.50 dB to 67 GHz. The directional coupler exhibits insertion loss (including coupled power) of less than 4.40 dB, directivity of greater than 10 dB, maximum main line VSWR is 1.8. Secondary line VSWR is 1.8 at 10 to 50 GHz, and 2.3 at 50 to 67 GHz. Input power rating is 20 W average and 3 kW peak. The directional coupler comes with industry-standard 1.85 mm SMA female connectors.

Piconics Inc

Piconics Inc.                          Booth 1453
Substrate Mounted Broadband Conical Inductors

Piconics Inc. announces their new line of substrate mounted conical inductors for chip and wire applications. The Piconics CCM series offers ultra broadband conical inductors conveniently packaged on a substrate with wire bondable contact pads. The standard CCM series features an alumina substrate with the conical mounted in shunt on a 50 ohm microstrip. All coils are held in place with epoxy and contacts are welded for enhanced reliability.

San-tron Inc

San-tron Inc.                         Booth 1514
Relocated to Booth 1039
pSeries Pressurized Connectors

pSeries™ connectors from San-tron meet the IP68 standard via a simplified, three-piece design – body, center contact and innovative dielectric. This eliminates troublesome internal o-rings, gaskets and silicone greases used in standard pressurized connectors. They provide low-loss performance through 30 GHz at ±65 psi and meet MIL-STD 202 Method 212, Condition D test conditions. A proprietary insulator also offers 5× more thermal stability than standard PTFE insulators. Available in 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, SMA, TNC and type N styles.

National Instruments

National Instruments                       Booth 1529
Test Solution for 802.11ax

NI will be introducing the industry’s first measurement solution for 802.11ax or High-Efficiency Wi-Fi (HEW) devices. The system is based on NI’s PXI RF Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), which offers 200 MHz of bandwidth at frequencies of up to 6 GHz. The new 802.11ax measurement suite supports narrower subcarrier spacing, 1024-QAM, and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA). The software is based on the latest draft of the 802.11ax specification revision.


NI AWR                                      Booth 1529
NI AWR Design Environment

The latest release of NI AWR Design Environment featuring Microwave Office, Analog Office, AXIEM, Analyst and Visual System Simulator (VSS) features fully integrated circuit, system and EM analyses in one open platform for the development of RF/microwave products. Visit Booth 1529 to see the latest in power amplifier, filter, antenna, radar and 5G design solutions as well as third-party integration.


NI Microwave Components                             Booth 1529
QuickSyn Synthesizers

QuickSyn synthesizers are now extended to mmWave. NI Microwave Component’s new QuickSyn mmWave synthesizer modules use the same QuickSyn technology that allows fast switching, low phase noise and compact size. These CW sources cover popular frequency bands, 27 to 40 GHz, 50 to 67 GHz, and 76 to 82 GHz for a variety of applications including a backhaul for digital radio, point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless HDMI, WiGig, IEEE802.11ad, wireless gigabit Ethernet, and automotive radar for collision avoidance.


Skyworks                                Booth 1611
FEM for BLE Range Extension Applications

Skyworks’ SKY66111-11 front-end module (FEM) operates from 2.4 to 2.485 GHz, with low power consumption of 10 mA at 10 dBm Pout in transmit mode and features adjustable output power. It more than doubles the range vs. system on chip (SoC) solutions for connected home, wearable and industrial applications. The device is suitable for products operating from coin cell batteries, including sensors, beacons, smart watches, thermostats, smoke and carbon dioxide (CO) detectors, wireless cameras, wireless audio headphones, hearing aids and medical pendants.

Synergy Microwave Corp

Synergy Microwave Corp. Booth 1615
Phase-Locked Ultra-Low Noise Signal Sources

Synergy Microwave Corp. introduces a series of ultra-low phase noise, fixed-frequency, phase-locked, DRO oscillators (PLDRO). The KSFLOD1280-12-1280 is a 12.8 GHz fixed frequency source which, when locked to a low noise reference at 1200 MHz, will deliver exceptional phase noise of -96 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and -158 dBc/Hz at 10 MHz offset. This source is packaged in a 2.25" × 2.25" module housing and includes lock alarm. Options are available to 15 GHz and extendable to 30 GHz.

Synergy Microwave Corp

Phase-Locked Ultra-Low Noise Synthesizers
Synergy Microwave Corp. introduces a series of ultra-low phase noise frequency synthesizers. Model KSSLO238286-128 covers 2380 to 2860 MHz in 128 MHz step size and offers excellent phase noise of -90 dBc/Hz at 100 Hz offset and -133 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset. Step size and reference input options are available. These synthesizer models include SPI input programming inputs and lock alarm and are packaged in a 2.25" × 2.25" housing. Frequencies available to 30 GHz with an optional piggyback doubler.

Dow-Key Microwave

Dow-Key Microwave        Booth 1639
Reliant Switch

Dow-Key’s new product series Reliant SwitchTM offers a cost-effective design; manufactured to deliver ideal performance for testing WLANs, WiMAX LTE/4G/5G networks in addition to a variety of other test and measurement setups. SPDT switches (SP6T coming soon) are available with guaranteed insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across DC to 26.5 GHz, 10 million life cycles per switch position, latching actuator and with options of: terminated or non-terminated, control via 12 V/24 VDC supply or TTL lines.

K&L Microwave

K&L Microwave                   Booth 1639
PIN Diode Switches

For more than 20 years, K&L Microwave has manufactured PIN diode switches for use in the company’s high performance switched filter banks. Leveraging this custom design expertise, K&L began offering packaged PIN diode switches in 2015. Switches are available from single pole, double throw through single pole, eleven throw in reflective and non-reflective options for frequency ranges from DC to 20 GHz. To discuss custom PIN diode switch requirements and other Microwave Products Group offerings, visit K&L at Booth 1639.

CPI Beverly Microwave Division

CPI Beverly Microwave Division                                  Booth 1646
C-Band 4 kW Modular GaN

The VSC3644 is a C-Band 4 kW modular GaN, high power, solid-state power amplifier that operates from 5.2 to 5.9 GHz at 10 percent duty. Designed to be a modular building block for 16 and 32 kW applications, this amplifier consists of four blind mated, ruggedized, SSPAs with integral air cooling and amplifier health monitoring. It’s designed around proven GaN semiconductors from semiconductor manufacturer Wolfspeed. For a live demo visit CPI BMD at Booth 1646.

West Bond Inc.

West Bond Inc.                     Booth 1647
Wire Bonders

Introducing the most flexible, complete wire bonders system available today. 7KE and 4KE series wire bonders: Bonding at 45° feed for tail control, 90° for ribbon and deep access and ball bonding without changing heads. Wedge bonding Au, Al, Cu; ball bonding Au, Cu. automatic, semiautomatic, and manual all ESD protected. Ultrasonic, thermosonic and thermocompression wire/ribbon bonders; eutectic and epoxy die bonders, insulated wire bonders and pull testers.

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation                 Booth 1711
Solid-State Amplifier

Model 300S1G6AB is a solid-state; 300 W class AB amplifier that instantaneously covers 0.7 to 6 GHz in one unit with an input power level of 0 dBm. This wideband output power amplifier is approximately half the size of a traditional class A design, more efficient, and offers a more economical price. Typical uses include wireless and EW applications.

Holzworth Instrumentation

Holzworth Instrumentation    Booth 1723
RF Synthesizers

Holzworth’s new HSX Series RF synthesizers are phase coherent, multichannel signal sources that offer industry leading phase noise (-142 dBc/Hz at 1 GHz, 10 kHz offset), spectral purity of better than -85 dBc (spurious), and output power dynamic range of +20 dBm to -110 dBm (0.01 dB of resolution). User defined configurations from 1 to 4 independently tunable RF outputs provide the best performance-to-price ratios in the industry. 6 GHz models are currently available with 12 GHz and 24 GHz models available by late 2016.

Teledyne Microwave Solutions

Teledyne Microwave Solutions                            Booth 1739
Modular, Non-ITAR GaN Amplifiers

When size, weight and power (SWaP) are critical, look to Teledyne Microwave Solutions’ new GaN-based amplifier line. These wideband amplifiers establish a new baseline for small size in the 0.1 GHz to 6 GHz range. With dimensions of 2.5" × 2"× 0.42", output power ranging between 15 and 40 W, plus a calculated MTBF of 40,000+ hrs., these units are suitable for airborne applications as well as challenging land-based environments.

Teledyne Relays

Teledyne Relays            Booth 1739
RF Relay

Teledyne Relays announced its new 121 relay. The RF121 is a high repeatability, SPDT, broadband, magnetic-latching RF relay with performance to 12 GHz. It is ideal for switchable RF attenuators, RF switch matrices, high frequency spectrum radios, ATE and applications that require dependable high frequency signal fidelity and performance. The RF121 is available in through-hole, surface-mount stub pin (GRF121), and J-lead configurations. The GRF121 has a frequency range of DC to 16 GHz.


Mician                                      Booth 1746
EM Software Tools

Mician is recognized as a leading developer of EM software tools for the design and optimization of waveguide components, feed networks and horn antennas. Version 8, the latest release of Mician’s signature product µWave Wizard, now includes a modeler for user defined elements and comes with a new ribbon based graphical user interface. Speed up of GUI launch for very large projects is now up to 10 times faster. Includes a new direct and iterative solver and parallelization is possible.

L-3 Electron Devices

L-3 Electron Devices         Booth 1811
80 W Ka-Band MPM

L-3’s M1292 MPM provides over 80 W of saturated power and 50 W of linear power in Ka-Band. This amplifier is ideal for defense applications requiring high output power and high efficiency in an ultra-compact, fully airborne-qualified package. Covering both communications and radar bands, this MPM is suitable for communications, radar and EW applications. The M1292 operates from conventional +28 VDC prime power, measures 9.75" × 8.50" × 1.50", and weighs less than eight pounds.


Coilcraft                                  Booth 1826
Chip Inductors

Developed for use in mobile devices and cellular infrastructure equipment, Coilcraft’s new 0402DF series chip inductors are available with inductance values ranging from 20 to 3300 nH, with a 5 percent tolerance for all values. They offer the lowest DCR currently available in a 0402 package and are fully optimized for use as a harmonic filter element for NFC applications. They can also be used as filter elements in bandstop and lowpass filters, a one-pole filter or RF choke in cellular bands, and for ground-to-ground isolation.

Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz             Booth 1827
Phase Noise Analyzer and VCO Tester

The R&S FSWP phase noise analyzer and VCO tester enables ultrasensitive and ultra-fast phase noise measurements. It allows users to very easily measure pulsed sources and additive phase noise of RF components and signal sources such as generators, synthesizers and oscillators more quickly than with any other solution. With up to 50 GHz the extremely low phase noise of its local oscillator and cross-correlation the FSWP performs complex measurements that in the past required complex test setups with just a push of a button.

NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors Booths 1839/2555
Airfast GaN Power Transistor

NXP’s first Airfast second generation gallium nitride (GaN) is an asymmetric device ideal for 30 W average cellular base station applications. This GaN based power transistor is capable of 2300 to 2690 MHz wideband operation with a power gain of 15.6 dB at 2605 MHz and 54 percent efficiency at 8 dB back-off. This product offers the mainstream cellular market with a GaN device in a small NI-780S-4L package. GaN devices, which offer higher power densities and efficiency, are key to the expanding 4G LTE deployments and emerging 5G marketplace.

Laser Services

Laser Services                      Booth 1853
Laser Processed Ceramics

Laser Services, an AS-9100 registered job shop, is an experienced microwave industry supplier offering advanced laser ablation, cutting, drilling, scribing, etching and welding services. They are specialists in processing ceramic materials, frozen epoxies and a variety of PCB substrates—stocking many brand name materials such as Coorstek, Ceramtec and Kyocera for quick turn-around. A fully equipped 16,000 square foot facility features 25 low to high power lasers and a variety of other state-of-the art equipment and secondary processing tools.


Molex                                       Booth 1911
Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies

Temp-Flex® flexible microwave cable assemblies from Molex meet strong signal requirements while minimizing signal loss, even in high frequency applications. Each cable assembly is constructed with proprietary techniques to maximize reliable connectivity and minimize voltage standing wave radio (VSWR) and insertion loss. By combining Molex RF connectors and Temp-Flex® coaxial cables, you get a solution tailored for your exact needs, with excellent electrical properties and proven reliability. Learn more by visiting Booth 1911.

Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations

Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations           Booth 1927
X-Band Pulsed Radar Devices

Sumitomo Electric introduces new devices to its line of high power GaN products for X-Band radar applications. The F501 is a compact two-stage hybrid module SMD with 22 dB gain, 30 W power, ideal as driver or phased array radar element. The F514 is a 300 W IMFET. These add to the existing line of 50 W, 100 W and 200 W IMFET devices.


RF-Lambda USA LLC   Booth 1931

RF-Lambda will showcase its new filter bank switch matrix with 160 channels designed for phase array radar systems. Model number RFSP160TA0020G features single pole 160 through, filter bank switch matrix, frequency: 0.05 to 20 GHz, isolation: 60 dB and speed: 50 ns.

Solid-State Power Amplifiers

Solid-State Power Amplifiers
RF-Lambda offers a variety of solid-state power amplifiers used in aerospace and military applications DC to 48 GHz up to 5 and 150 W. Model RFLUPA08G11GC features 100 W X-Band power amplifier, frequency of 8 to 11 GHz, high output power +50 dBm and high peak to average handle capability.

Low Noise Amplifiers

Low Noise Amplifiers
Ultra-wideband low noise amplifiers with frequencies from 0.01 GHz to 100 GHz, noise figure as low as 0.5 dB which comes in coaxial, drop-in or waveguide packaging. Primarily used in wireless infrastructure, RF/microwave & VSAT, military & aerospace, test instrument and fiber optics. Model RLNA00M54G features frequency of 0.01 to 54 GHz, noise figure: 3.0 dB, P1dB output power: 10 dBm full band, supply voltage: +12 V at 185 mA and 50 ohm matched input/output.

Empower RF Systems

Empower RF Systems       Booth 1947
Amplifier System

Model 2180, covers 1 to 2.5 GHz and delivers an unprecedented 2 kW CW of broadband output power in an 8U, air cooled chassis and is an ideal replacement for TWT’s in both CW and pulsed applications. System integration is easier with feature rich control and monitoring functions including input and output detectors (user selectable peak and RMS) and selectable output modes: automatic gain control (AGC), automatic level control (ALC) and standard manual gain.

Custom MMIC

Custom MMIC                       Booth 1950
DC to 26 GHz SPDT MMIC Switch

The CMD230 offers an impressive 1.4 dB insertion loss and high isolation of 40 dB at 13 GHz. It is offered in die form and operates using control voltage logic lines of 0/-5 V, and requires no bias supply. It is a reflective design with a 3.4 ns switching speed and is pin-compatible with the obsolete Celeritek CSW0118. Over 80 high performance products are now available in Custom MMIC’s design library.

UTE Microwave Inc

UTE Microwave Inc.          Booth 2010
Isolators and Circulators

From milliwatts to kilowatts, UTE Microwave offers a wide line of ferrite isolators and circulators covering the spectrum from 75 MHz to 20 GHz. These include drop-in low power units thru high power devices for radar, medical, scientific and communications. Connecting interfaces are available in coaxial, waveguide and EIA flanges. Typical of the high power circulators is model CT-1739-D operating at 128 MHz with 20 kW peak and 2 kW average power in a 9" × 9" footprint with DIN-7/16 connectors.

QuinStar Technology Inc

QuinStar Technology Inc. Booth 2011
mmWave Amplifiers and Multi-Function Assemblies

QuinStar Technology offers complete product lines of mmWave amplifiers and customized multi-function assemblies for frequencies up to 110 GHz. Amplifier products range from ultra-low noise amplifiers to full waveguide band driver amplifiers covering K through W-Band (18 to 110 GHz), to very high power amplifiers up to 100 GHz with unparalleled power output level, linearity and efficiency. CW and pulsed high power amplifiers are ideally suited for replacing tubes in radars and communication transmitters.

Berkeley Nucleonics

Berkeley Nucleonics         Booth 2015
40 uS Frequency Switching Signal Generator

Berkeley Nucleonics releases a new fast switching signal generator model capable of 40 uS frequency switching times. The 845-FS RF/microwave signal generator will reduce lag time in time sensitive applications while still maintaining signal purity and reliability. The new 845-FS is available with 12, 20 and 26.5 GHz frequency ranges and can be configured in benchtop and 1U rack-mount designs.


Mini-Circuits                Booth 2029
Bidirectional Coupler

Mini-Circuits’ ZGBDC20-33HPD+ is a high power, wideband bidirectional coupler providing 20 dB coupling with good coupling flatness across 300 to 3000 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 250 W RF input power and passing up to 3.0A DC current from input to output. 20 dB typical directivity allows accurate sampling of signal through the coupled port, and low mainline loss (0.15 dB typical) provides excellent transmission of signal power from input to output. The coupler comes housed in a rugged, IP67 weatherproof case measuring 5.58" × 2.50" × 1.00" with 7/16 DIN connectors.

Mini-Circuits - Coaxial Bias Tee

Coaxial Bias Tee
Mini-Circuits’ ZX85-40W-63+ is a coaxial bias tee providing 40 W power handling and 0.5 dB insertion loss for applications over the 700 to 6000 MHz frequency range. It provides 33 dB typical DC-RF isolation and handles up to 1A DC current at the input. This model features rugged unibody construction with SMA connectors and provides excellent durability. The small, 0.74" × 0.75" × 0.46" case size saves space in crowded system layouts.

Mini-Circuits - Coaxial Triplexer

Coaxial Triplexer
Model ZTPL-4620+ is a high performance 50 Ω triplexer with the lowpass channel-1 at 9.8 to 10.2 MHz, bandpass channel-2 at 852 to 1872 MHz, and highpass channel-3 at 3300 to 4620 MHz. The triplexer is a 4-port passive device used to separate the C-Band and L-Band receive signals on a common port and route them non-interactively to separate output ports. Additionally, the device routes a 10 MHz reference signal appearing on the fourth port non-interactively to the common port.

Mini-Circuits - Coaxial Splitter/Combiners

Coaxial Splitter/Combiners
Mini-Circuits’ new ZN2PD-622SMP+ and ZB3PD-63SMP+ coaxial splitter/combiners feature ultra-thin (0.43") packages with SMP snap-on blind mate connectors for easy connection to adjacent modules in systems with tight space constraints. Both models provide wideband performance with low insertion loss, high isolation, low phase and amplitude unbalance, high power handling and DC passing.

Mini-Circuits - Miniature High Power Couplers

Miniature High Power Couplers
Mini-Circuits' SCBD-series of surface-mount, high power, bidirectional couplers features 7 models covering applications from 50 to 6000 MHz with power handling up to 100 W. These miniature couplers provide coupling values ranging from 10 to 31 dB with low mainline loss, high directivity, excellent VSWR and DC current passing up to 2A. The units are designed into open printed laminate measuring only 0.70" × 0.32" × 0.20".

Mini-Circuits - MMIC Frequency Mixer

MMIC Frequency Mixer
Mini-Circuits’ new MDB-24H+ ultra-wideband double-balanced MMIC frequency mixer provides an RF and LO frequency range from 5 to 21.5 GHz and an IF frequency range from DC to 5 GHz. Ultra-wideband coverage in a single device makes this mixer suitable for wideband systems such as defense communications and radar, as well as a wide variety of narrowband applications from Wi-Fi through Ku-Band and more.

Mini-Circuits - Ultra-Flexible Test Cables

Ultra-Flexible Test Cables
Mini-Circuits’ new ULC-series ultra-flexible test cables provide low insertion loss and excellent VSWR for a wide range of test applications from DC to 18 GHz. These cables are specially designed for stability of phase and amplitude versus flexure in bend radii as tight as 2" (2" minimum dynamic bend radius, 0.7" minimum static bend radius), making them ideal for demanding lab environments where frequent bending is common.

Mini-Circuits - Wideband Directional Coupler

Wideband Directional Coupler
Mini-Circuits’ ZADC-13-73+ is a coaxial, wideband directional coupler providing 13 dB coupling with good coupling flatness across the 2600 to 7000 MHz. This model is capable of handling up to 4 W RF input power and passing up to 1.0 A DC current from input to output. 18 dB typical directivity allows accurate sampling of signal through the coupled port, and low mainline loss (0.8 dB typical) provides excellent transmission of signal power from input to output.

Mini-Circuits - High Power Splitter/Combiner

High Power Splitter/Combiner
Mini-Circuits’ ZN2PD-9G+ is a 2-way 0° high power splitter/combiner providing up to 30 W power handling as a splitter (0.8 W as a combiner) and 0.5 dB insertion loss across the 1700 to 9000 MHz frequency range. Its outstanding combination of high power handling and low loss minimize power dissipation and provide excellent signal power transmission from input to output. The ZN2PD-9G+ comes housed in a rugged aluminum alloy case measuring 1.8" × 1.75" × 0.65" with SMA connectors.

Mini-Circuits - Monolithic Amplifier

Monolithic Amplifier
Mini-Circuits’ CMA-84+ is a wideband monolithic amplifier providing high dynamic range from DC to 7 GHz. It uses patented, Transient Protection Darlington Configuration circuit architecture and is fabricated using InGaP HBT technology. The amplifier is bonded to a multilayer integrated LTCC substrate, then hermetically sealed under a controlled Nitrogen atmosphere with gold-plated cover, eutectic Au-Sn solder, and Ni-Pd-Au termination finish. CMA-series amplifiers have been tested to meet MIL requirements for gross leak, fine leak, thermal shock, vibration, acceleration, mechanical shock and HTOL.

Mini-Circuits - MMIC Splitter/Combiner

MMIC Splitter/Combiner
Mini-Circuits’ EP2K1+ is a MMIC splitter/combiner designed for wideband operation from 2 to 26.5 GHz. This model provides excellent power ratings in a tiny device package (4 mm × 4 mm × 1 mm), with up to 2.5 W power handling (as a splitter) and up to 1.2A DC current passing. Manufactured using GaAs IPD technology, it provides a high level of ESD protection and excellent reliability.

Mini-Circuits - RLC Electronics

RLC Electronics                   Booth 2047
Surface-Mount Cavity Filters

RLC Electronics manufactures surface-mount cavity filters for small scale, low profile system integration. High Q cavity filter performance is available up to 30 GHz with profile height as low as 200 mm. The surface-mount design is suitable for reflow attachment, providing savings on size, cost and weight. This type of design results in low loss, achieves rejection of 60 dBc up to 3× faster and also maintains good VSWR (14 dB min) throughout. RoHS compliant versions available upon request.

Mini-Circuits - Reactel

Reactel                                     Booth 2110
Filters, Multiplexers & Multifunction Assemblies

Reactel manufactures a line of filters, multiplexers & multifunction assemblies covering up to 50 GHz. From small, lightweight units suitable for flight, to high power units capable of handling 10 kW, connectorized or surface-mount – Reactel’s talented engineers can design a unit specifically for your application. Visit Booth 2110 to learn more.

TTE Filters & Gowanda

TTE Filters & Gowanda   Booth 2116
Bias Tees to 40 GHz

TTE’s bias tees are now available for frequencies from 10 MHz to 40 GHz and current handling to 7A DC. They offer superior broadband performance, low insertion loss, minimal return loss, desirable VSWR characteristics, extremely flat gain response and RoHS-compliant options. TTE’s RF & microwave filters are available to 26 GHz, featuring built-to-order lead times as short as 3 to 5 days. TTE’s filters, Gowanda Electronics’ conicals and RF & power inductors, Communication Coil’s custom magnetics and Instec’s EMI/RFI filters will be on display at IMS2016, Booth 2116. All companies are affiliates of Gowanda Holdings.

Delta Microwave Inc.

Delta Microwave Inc.        Booth 2124
GaN SSPA Power Amplifier

Operating over 29 to 31 GHz, model DM-HPKA-10-102 delivers 8 to 10 watts of linear output power. SSPA offers gain of 50 dB and excellent AM-PM (<3°/dB) in a compact size of 3.1" × 3" × 0.78". Product functions with a single 20 V input supply and includes features such as fast on/off, over temperature and over current protection. Design and construction meet full military requirements for -40° to +85°C environmental conditions.

Peregrine Semiconductor

Peregrine Semiconductor Booth 2129
UltraCMOS Mixers

The UltraCMOS® PE41901 and PE41902 are high frequency mixers that operate from 10 to 19 GHz. The PE41901 is an up-conversion mixer with an integrated LO coupler, and the PE41902 is a down-conversion mixer with an integrated LO combiner and RF coupler. These complete MMIC mixer solutions are ideal for test and measurement systems and Ku-Band earth terminals such as VSAT and point-to-point communication systems. These mixers encompass the key UltraCMOS technology strengths of high isolation and high linearity, while providing a robust and reliable solution for frequency-mixing applications.

Peregrine Semiconductor - UltraCMOS MPAC – Doherty

UltraCMOS MPAC – Doherty
The UltraCMOS® PE46130 and PE46140 join the PE46120 MPAC product family in offering phase and amplitude control for Doherty power amplifier applications. The PE46130 provides excellent phase and amplitude accuracy from 2.3 to 2.7 GHz, and the PE46140 extends from 3.4 to 3.8 GHz. Each monolithic phase and amplitude controller (MPAC) integrates a 90° hybrid splitter, digital phase shifters, digital step attenuator and a digital SPI interface on a single die.

Passive Plus

Passive Plus                          Booth 2148
High-Q/Low ESR/ESL Capacitors

With over 30 years in the RF/microwave industry, Passive Plus Inc. (PPI) manufactures and specializes in High-Q/Low ESR/ESL capacitors for the military, medical, semiconductor, broadcast and telecommunications industries. Capacitor case sizes include 0505, 1111, 2225, 3838; EIA 0201, 0402, 0603, 0805, High power 6040, 7676; Broadband capacitors 01005, 0201, 0402. Known for superior customer service, fast deliveries, competitive prices and outstanding quality, PPI continues to broaden its technology portfolio in the ever-changing environment of today’s electronics market.

Planar Monolithics

Planar Monolithics            Booth 2210
Successive Detection Log Video Amplifier

PMI Model No. SDLVA-18G40G-65-2-292FF is a successive detection log video amplifier (SDLVA) that operates between 18 and 40 GHz. It has a dynamic range of 65 dB (-63 dBm to +2 dBm), a log slope of 25 mV/dB, and a nominal video bandwidthof 32 MHz. This design uses cutting edge GaAs technology which provides stunning performance and reliability in a compact package (2.37" × 1.80" × 0.42") making it an optimum solution for high speed channelized receiver applications. Other features include SMA female connectors, VSWR 2.5:1, operating voltage of +12 V at 600 mA, -12 V at 250 mA.

Southwest Microwave Inc

Southwest Microwave Inc. Booth 2239
Push-on Connector

Nearly four decades ago, the RF design community was introduced to a new push-on connector that addressed the need for increased electrical performance, quicker installation and greater density in higher frequency applications. This design, commonly known as the sub-miniature push-on (SMP) connector, was built around a blind-mate adapter, or bullet, housed between two PCB or panel-mounted receptacles. The bullet, available in different lengths, tolerated a degree of axial and radial misalignment, or float, while still maintaining transmission integrity.


Infineon                                  Booth 2243
GaN RF Power Transistors

The GTVA261701FA is a 170 W transistor that operates over the 2620 to 2690 MHz frequency band and offers 18 dB of gain and 47 percent efficiency under one carrier WCDMA signal. In a 3-way Doherty configuration, an amplifier using the GTVA261701FA can achieve efficiencies of over 57 percent under the same test signal. The GTVA220701FA is a single-ended driver transistor that operates from 1800 to 2200 MHz and offers 60 W of output power and 20 dB of gain. It comes in an open cavity ceramic package. Evaluation boards are available for both devices.

SGMC Microwave

SGMC Microwave               Booth 2330
Precision Coaxial Connectors

SGMC Microwave is a registered ISO 9001:2008 manufacturer of precision coaxial connectors including cable connectors, receptacles and adapters. SGMC’s product catalog along with its newly revamped website showcases its extensive line of readily available products which includes these series: 1.0 mm, 1.85 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.92 mm, 3.5 mm, SMA, N, TNC and SSMA. SGMC Microwave’s hallmarks are always quality, performance, and reliability.


Richardson Electronics   Booth 2350
Disruptive Technologies in the Think Tank

For nearly 70 years, Richardson Electronics has been an industry-leading global provider of engineered solutions, power grid and microwave tubes. With the launch of the Power & Microwave Technologies group, the company continues this legacy and complements it with new RF & microwave technologies. At Richardson Electronic’s IMS Think Tank, Booth 2350, the company will feature the disruptive technologies and new products from Anokiwave, Dynawave, IDT, Infiniti Microwave, LiConn, MACOM, Qorvo, SHX, Transphorm, Tuyue and WanTcom.

Exodus Advanced Communications

Exodus Advanced Communications                Booth 2417

Exodus Advanced Communications introduces model AMP1096, a new 500 to 2500 MHz, 200 W GaN SSPA module. It features instantaneous bandwidth from 500 to 2500 MHz with 200 W minimum saturated power output, 3 dB peak-to-peak flatness and 24A max consumption. Suitable for any application that requires high power and wideband coverage such as EW and ATE.


Pasternack                        Booth 2423
The Cable Creator

Design and buy online with the Pasternack Cable Creator™. Customize over 250,000 possible RF cable assemblies to your exact specifications with the new Pasternack Cable Creator. This easy to use tool provides instant pricing, detailed datasheets and online ordering with same day shipping on any cable assembly built from its inventory of 1,300 connectors and 120 cable types. Pasternack is your source for any RF cable assembly requirement.

Pasternack Waveguide Components

Waveguide Components
From L-Band to W-Band, Pasternack offers the largest selection of in-stock waveguide components including gain horns, amplifiers, bandpass filters, bends, sections, couplers, detectors, terminations, attenuators, adapters, antennas and more. Pasternack’s waveguide components boast leading edge performance, high precision machining, sizes from WR-10 to WR-430 and multiple flange styles, providing you access to waveguide solutions for every application. All waveguide products from Pasternack are in-stock and ready to ship.


Massachusetts Bay Technologies                        Booth 2430
Thin Film Chip Resistors

Massachusetts Bay Technologies, wire bondable, thin film chip resistors are fabricated, using sputtering tantalum nitride as the resistive material, on a highly polished silicon substrate. The company’s photolithography techniques can produce geometries of less than five microns. This tightly controlled process creates a resistor with a low TCR, low current noise as well as insignificant nonlinearity. These silicon resistors are available in several chip styles with resistor values from less than one ohm to over ten Meg ohms and can be laser trimmed to resistance values within 0.5 percent.

Vida Products

Vida Products                      Booth 2442
YIG Oscillator Monolithic Integrated Circuit

Introducing YOMIC (YIG Oscillator Monolithic Integrated Circuit): the YIG based oscillator designed for battery usage and available in a surface-mount package. YOMIC can tune in < 1 micro-sec ± 100 MHz around a factory select center frequency between 2 and 20 GHz. Coming soon is a 10 to 20 GHz wide tuning version in a 0.5" × 0.7" surface-mount package.

Morion US LLC

Morion US LLC                     Booth 2533
Low Noise OCXO

Morion released the new MV269, low noise OCXO in a small DIL14 package, measuring just 21 mm × 13 mm × 9.5 mm. Available from 60 to 120 MHz, the MV269 has phase noise of -153 dBc/Hz at 1 kHz offset and < -170 dBc/10 kHz, sinewave or HCMOS. Works at 5 or 3.3 V. Temperature stability at < 5E-8 from 0° to 60°C. Frequency adjustment for external synchronization provided, but due to <1E-7/year aging may work as a stand-alone unit. Ideal as a reference oscillator in synthesizer and PLL circuits.