CRFS, a leader in real-time RF spectrum monitoring solutions, released its latest RFeye Site package enabling enhanced situational awareness in congested and complex RF environments.

Aimed at real-time spectrum operations, the latest release of RFeye Site sensor resource management (SRM) software includes the ability to locate multiple targets including frequency hopping, broadband and low power signals. Coupled with CRFS Array, integrated direction finding (DF) and geolocation platforms, RFeye Site can detect and pinpoint signals of interest in real-time.  

Using angle of arrival (AOA) techniques, RFeye Site software provides spectral plots, waterfall plots and 3D visualization as well as directional bearing and probability ellipse overlays to assist in the identification of signals of interest in order to facilitate best use of spectrum for a wide range of operational requirements including threat analysis and agile frequency allocation of signals of opportunity.

In addition, RFeye Site provides multi-mission capability to monitor, capture, DF, geolocate, record, analyse and playback signals of interest. This under direct user control of the RFeye Nodes or by receiving data from autonomous embedded missions triggered by mask breaks or other asynchronous events.

“RFeye Site provides enhanced capability to defence and security system integrators” said Alistair Massarella, CEO at CRFS. “Our latest DF and geolocation platforms bring new levels of performance to size, weight power and cost (SWaP-C) sensitive applications to support expanded mission profiles in increasingly congested and complex RF environments”.

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