2015-37 SST-2730253027-28-S1 Ka-BandTransmitterModel SST-2730253027-28-S1 is a Ka Band compact transmitter module operating at 26.8 GHz. This product is designed and manufactured for small satellite applications. The module incorporates a phase locked oscillator to convert 1.0 signal to 26.8 GHz signal. With an integrated 23 dBi circular polarized lens corrected antenna, the module delivers +50 dBm EIRP.

A robust filtering system greatly reduces the harmonic and spurious levels, making the module a great choice for ground, ground to satellite and satellite to satellite communication applications. The module measures 3.78”(W) x 3.44”(L) x 4.43” (H) and weighs 24 Oz. Two such modules are flying in orbit since July 2014.