ANSYS, a global leader in engineering simulation software, will host a special information session at the IEEE MTT-S  International Microwave Symposium (IMS2015) in room 102 BC of the Phoenix convention center on Thursday, May 21. The one hour session entitled, “Leveraging Protected IP with Encrypted 3D HFSS Components for Next Generation Wireless Design & Integration” will highlight a new patent pending capability for sharing high-fidelity electrical models used in high-frequency circuit and system simulations.

The new feature will allow design teams to directly integrate models that capture the full electromagnetic interaction of a device and its environment with data supplied from participating component vendors. Re-usable 3D EM component with encryption designed to protect proprietary component construction/materials will allow engineers to adopt new technologies more readily into next generation wireless platforms for communications, aerospace and defense applications. The presentation is free to attend and well-suited to the IMS symposium focus on advancing microwave technology and the 550 plus exhibition featuring leading companies from the microwave component supply chain.

Modelithics, a leading provider in simulation models for RF, microwave and millimeter-wave devices will be collaborating with ANSYS as a 3D EM model development service available to component vendors interested in outsourcing the development of 3D EM components for their own product lines. The company's president, Larry Dunleavy will join the ANSYS product management and business development teams to present this talk and entertain questions from attendees. Modelithics offers comprehensive measurement and modeling services, as well as highly accurate, scalable measurement-based models that integrate seamlessly with popular electronic design automation (EDA) tools.

Session Details:

Phoenix Convention Center

Room 102 BC

Thursday, May 21

10:00 – 11:00 a.m.

As communication systems push the limits of component size, weight and performance, engineers must adopt new technologies and smarter workflows. The resulting component engineering and associated intellectual property become increasingly valuable to  the component developer and end-user. Whether the component is a structure used  in an RFIC/MMIC, module, surface mount device for PCB design or a complete system, sharing high-fidelity model information that accounts for the EM field between integrated component and system platform allows design teams to quickly and safely adopt new technologies. The new 3D patent pending EM component libraries in ANSYS HFSS is a breakthrough in model sharing, allowing engineers to create encrypted, password protected user-models that provide all the information to successfully design components into high-frequency networks. Learn how to unlock your engineering team's creativity with the power of ANSYS simulation tools. With HFSS 3D electromagnetics, ANSYS offers best-in-class simulation software that accelerates innovation for leading component manufacturers and system integrators. Our technical experts will discuss the need driving 3D EM components in future design work as well as the latest speed enhancements, workflow automation and multi-physics analyses to speed up your overall product development. Space is limited so register early to ensure your future success in developing next-generation microwave technology, delivering better products that are in spec, on time and under budget. 

Who Should Attend: RF/microwave circuit designers, component manufacturers, system integrators, EDA support teams, Field Application Engineers/managers

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