Quintech Electronics and Communications Inc. will be showcasing their new ARCHIMEDES 64x64 L-Band RF Matrix Switch at the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2015 in Las Vegas, Nev. ARCHIMEDES is an ideal RF switch for broadcast, cable, and satellite facilities. This switch is built in a compact 4 RU chassis. It provides unique features and options such as optical inputs, LNB power, redundancy for inputs and/or outputs, and an optional TV receiver for viewing unencrypted signal feeds. With redundant power supplies and controllers, plus hot swappable RF cards, the ARCHIMEDES offers the utmost in flexible and reliable performance.  
Quintech's ARCHIMEDES RF Matrix Switch (low res)ARCHIMEDES is designed for standard configurations from 16x32 to 64x64 and is easily expanded. The LNB power option allows each RF input port to deliver LNB power and select the polarity of the LNB with a 13/18V or 22 kHz tone.  In addition, the matrix provides an integrated TV Receiver, which can be viewed via the HD multi-touch display screen.
“ARCHIMEDES offers stronger performance than any competing product on the market in its class and does so in a smaller, smarter package,” says Frank Elling, President of Quintech. “With capabilities such as variable gain and tilt, DC insertion, local user interface and many other advanced technical characteristics including fiber optic inputs, ARCHIMEDES’ RF performance is superior to competing RF Matrices.  It is smaller, fitting 64 x 64 in just 4 RU.  It is smarter, because it offers unique features and redundancy options while being 40% lower in price compared to similar matrices.”
For operators requiring smaller configurations, Quintech’s signature QRM is a 1 RU full fan-out RF matrix that can be fully populated up to 16x16. The QRM is available in 8 x 8, 8 x16, 16 x 8 and 16 x16. The operating frequency range spans IF, Broadband and L-Band. The switch features Quintech Q-ROUTE™ and Q-SENSE™ redundancy technology that provides maximum signal path reliability.
Quintech will be exhibiting the features of the ARCHIMEDES and QRM, as well as its full suite of RF matrices, during the NAB Show, April 11-16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center at its booth SU6021 in the South Upper Hall.   For more information visit www.quintechelectronics.com.