PCTEST Engineering Laboratory Inc. (PCTEST LAB), an accredited testing laboratory for wireless testing and certification, has upgraded its R&S TS8980FTA-2 and R&S CMW500 systems to accommodate the new 4G/LTE test plans for industry conformance and carrier acceptance testing.

As IMS becomes more prevalent within mobile operator core networks, new customer and value-added features, such as VoLTE, Rich Communication Services (RCS), and video telephony are becoming more important and now coming to market. For mobile operators and device manufacturers, these enabling technologies represent new ways in which they can not only differentiate their products, but more importantly, create new revenue streams.

"Today's mobile communications market is moving extremely fast. Many of the barriers that impeded the growth of mobile communications such as bandwidth, processing power and battery life are quickly becoming a thing of the past," says Randy Ortanez, president of PCTEST Lab. "Today we are seeing a new wave of mobile phones and devices driven by the latest technology advancements that require sophisticated test plans and systems to adequately ensure their quality. Rohde and Schwarz is helping us meet that challenge with their breadth of solution offering and support."

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